Depending on your previous experience and whether you choose to come to Aberdeen for the first semester, second semester, or both, a variety of classes are available to you. Students who study at the University of Aberdeen are required to undertake a full course load.

There are introductory courses available in Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Maths which cover most of the standard pre-requisites of US medical schools so you can keep this part of your pre-med portfolio on track. You should consult your Pre-Med advisor to check that your intended medical schools accept pre-requisites taken abroad.

You will also find courses in Biochemistry, Genetics, Sports Science and Psychology that are especially relevant to the study of Medicine. Or you can choose to complete your curriculum by taking some of our other science courses like Ocean Biology, Conservation Biology and Behavioural Biology, or arts courses such as An Introduction to Scottish History, Scottish Archaeology, Medical Anthropology or even Gaelic for Beginners!

In addition there are a number of more specialised courses, all including practical laboratory classes, that are particularly relevant to the study of medicine which will give you added insight and make you stand out from the crowd. Examples include: