Summer School for Access

The Summer School for Access provides a route into Higher Education for those whose current qualifications do not reflect their true potential for degree level study. It is aimed at young adults and mature students who may have experienced setbacks in their previous education, as well as those wishing to change direction within their careers or subject area.

The Programme is full-time for 6 weeks from mid June to the end of July. The Summer School for Access takes place on-campus in Old Aberdeen. It provides an opportunity to sample new subjects, experience university life, and gain self-confidence, equipping students with the skills they need to progress onto successful degree study. Summer School students study a range of academic subjects which are all taught at a first year level.

The programme consists of three separate streams. MA and Law applicants study on the Arts and Social Sciences stream. BSc applicants who wish to study one of the life sciences take part in the Life Sciences Stream. Those wanting to study other BSc subjects and Engineering take part in the Physical Sciences Stream. Those studying on the Arts and Social Sciences stream learn about a wide range of different subjects – including (but not limited to) Politics, History, Art History, Philosophy and Sociology. Those studying on the Life Sciences stream do courses in Biology and Chemistry. Those studying on the Physical Sciences stream do courses in Maths and Physics.

All of the students take part in a study skills course and also have a chance to learn about and take part in extra-curricular activities offered by the University. For example, The Aberdeen University Students's Association ( and the The Careers Service (

*Please note that the Summer School for Access does not provide an alternative entry route into Medicine, Music or English/Maths courses for entry onto Teacher Training Programmes.

There is no separate application for entry onto the Summer School. Therefore, we advise you to apply through UCAS for entry onto your chosen degree programme - before the January 2017 UCAS deadline - and put in your Personal Statement that you wish to be considered for entry via the Summer School, along with your reasons for this. If the Admissions Selector then deems it appropriate, they may give you a conditional offer which is based on successful completion of the Summer School.

Please note that you must be applying through a degree programme at University of Aberdeen in order to be considered for the Summer School. If you have any further queries please contact

Jenny Wilson – Summer School

MA History & International Relations (University of Aberdeen)

I left school when I was 17, after all but failing my Highers and decided on aiming for a career in the oil industry. I happily worked for 3 years then decided something was missing. I then actively searched for Access Courses and I found the Summer School and applied. It was an incredible whirlwind experience, I had the best time. Though it was taxing academically, there was plenty of support and guidance.

Everyone was also in the same position and it was so easy to make friends and we formed a close group, which has carried on into uni and we are all still friends.

The most important lesson I took away from the Summer School is that good  grades don't grow on trees – you need to be prepared to put in as much as you get out of it and you will reap the rewards. I would tell anyone considering applying that it is a life changing experience which will grow them as a person. I am loving my studies – I studied abroad at the University of Oklahoma in my 2nd year. The Summer School is pretty much the best thing I ever did!

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