Spain - Universitat Rovira i Virgilli

Spain - Universitat Rovira i Virgilli

Universitat Rovira i Virgilli

Suitable for all students and subjects (with the exception of Medicine and Dentistry)


The URV is a modern public higher education institution with a proud and widely recognised track record in providing teaching and research at the service of Southern Catalonia and also much further afield on the international stage. Moreover, it is a university with values and a commitment to finding solutions to the challenges facing society through the generation of knowledge and the provision of education that produces highly trained and discerning professionals and citizens.

The URV is in one of the most dynamic social and economic areas in Europe and it is destined to become one of the driving forces behind the development and progress of Catalonia at the beginning of the 21st century. What is more, the southern regions of Catalonia enjoy a high quality of life: medium-sized cities full of personality, a mild Mediterranean climate, sea, beaches, mountains and exceptional national landscapes. 


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