Germany - University of Bonn

Germany - University of Bonn

University of Bonn - The Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms Universität Bonn

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The Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms Universität Bonn (University of Bonn) was founded in 1818. With a student body of about 35,000, the University is one of Germany’s largest academic institutions and with more than 5000 foreign students from all over the world also one of the most internationally oriented. A wide range of course offerings, an outstanding reputation in teaching and research and a unique location make the University an especially attractive place to study.

Bonn, the former Federal Capital of Germany, is located on the Rhine and is a center for the Rhineland’s way of life, art and culture. The city celebrated in 1989 the 2000th Anniversary of its founding as a Roman settlement. Bonn is Germany’s UN city with its 21 UN Agencies and hosts approx. 150 international organizations. Furthermore, the city is also the birthplace of Beethoven, has a beautiful historic town center with a daily open market, numerous museums and many other buildings and events of significance and cultural interest. Having almost 35 years of experience in the Erasmus programme, Erasmus students may expect to be supported by the full range of student services including language courses, orientation programme and academic guidance at the University of Bonn. During the semester, the International Office offers an extensive cultural program as well as various other programs to ensure cultural immersion and intercultural experience.


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