Dear Students,

Welcome to the Fife College and University of Aberdeen Higher Education Information week webpage. In this webpage you can find information about:

  • The University and it’s community
  • A frequently asked questions section about the University
  • Information about our articulation routes
  • Information about our contextualised admissions policy
  • Information that may be helpful for students who are care experienced and/or have a caring role
  • Information about our Associate Student Scheme
  • Information for how to sign up for a Unibuddy (chat room session) this week and the University’s upcoming virtual Articulation Day
  • Plus, information on what it’s like to study at the University of Aberdeen.

We hope that you find this information helpful. If you have any questions, please see a note of the relevant contact details below.

The University and it’s community

The University of Aberdeen is the fifth oldest University in the UK, dating back to 1495.

Over the past 525 years, we have proudly offered our students life-changing opportunities by proving true to our Foundational purpose:

‘Open to all and dedicated to the pursuit of truth in the service of others’.

Our vast experience in teaching – along with our modern, 21st century outlook – enables us to offer the same great opportunity to you today.

Please visit our website, and watch the video below, to find out more about the University and its community:

Information Guides and Frequently Asked Questions

The University’s website has a number of useful guides and videos that provide information on our degree programmes, communities and more. View the information guides

The University’s website also has a number of FAQ sections, on different topics, that you might find useful. Please see more information at the following weblinks:

If you have any questions, and the information is not available in the guides or FAQs at the weblinks given above, please email us

Information about articulation routes

The University welcomes applications for degree level Study from Students with HNC and HND qualifications. We offer a wide range of articulation pathways. Please see more information in the Articulation pathway booklet

Please also see more information about our articulation pathways and the process of articulating into the University.

Information about Contextualised Admissions

The University takes contextualised information into account when making decisions on the applications that we receive. Please see more information on the University’s contextualised admissions policy, adjusted offers and access thresholds at the following weblink:

Information for students who have a caring role and/or are care experienced

The University offers both pre-entry and post-entry support for students who have a caring role and/or are care experienced. 

Information about the Associate Student Scheme

The University offers a Associate Student Scheme for students at Fife College. If you would like to find our more about the scheme or apply to become an associate student please contact us directly at and will send you more information.

Information for how to sign up for a Unibuddy (chat room session) this week

Unibuddy Session

We have organised a Fife College Information Week Unibuddy Q&A session on Thursday 1 October from 10am to 11am. This is an opportunity to ask the Access and Articulation team about applying to and studying at the University of Aberdeen.

Register to attend the Fife College Information Week Q&A

Information about the University’s upcoming virtual Articulation Day

Articulation Day is an opportunity to learn more about the University of Aberdeen, studying with us and our entry pathways. This year, the University will hold a Virtual Articulation day in late 2020.

Find out more about Articulation Day 2020

More information and contact details

Thank you taking the time for working through this webpage. Visit our website for more general information on studying at the University

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a time to speak to a member of the Access and Articulation team (via an online appointment) please contact us at