Erasmus+ Traineeship

Erasmus+ Traineeship

Students from European universities who have been awarded Erasmus+ funding for a traineeship may seek a suitable opportunity at University of Aberdeen.  The availability of a suitable and appropriate project will depend on departmental capacity and resource constraints.

Incoming students who undertake a traineeship at the University of Aberdeen with Erasmus+ funding have ‘Visiting Student’ status. Visiting Students are administered centrally and not by the Erasmus Team.

Relevant information for students seeking an Erasmus+ funded traineeship at University of Aberdeen can be found in our Guide below: 

How to Apply

The first step is to make contact with the relevant department to identify whether an appropriate project and supervising academic is available.  A full list of contact information for our departments and research institutes is linked below.

Successful students should then download and complete a Visiting Student application.  This needs to be forwarded to your traineeship supervisor for approval and processing.

All related paperwork, for example your Erasmus+ Training Agreement, can be completed and signed by your traineeship supervisor at University of Aberdeen. 



Visiting students are not guaranteed university-managed accommodation, but if there are still available rooms you are welcome to enquire by contacting our Accommodation Office.

If you are undertaking your Erasmus+ traineeship over the summer period when there is no undergraduate teaching, you may be able to apply for summer accommodation offered by the University.

Clinical Electives


For visiting undergraduate medical students, the University of Aberdeen offers a Clinical Electives programme for up to 8 weeks over the summer.  Places are limited and offered on a first-come first-served basis.