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Degree Programme Degree Qualification UCAS Code
French and Geography MA LR71
Geography and German MA LR72
Geography and Spanish & Latin American Studies MA LR74
French and International Relations MA LRF1
German and International Relations MA LRF2
International Relations and Spanish & Latin American Studies MA LRF4
Economics and History MA LV11
Economics and Philosophy MA LV15
Anthropology and History MA LV61
Anthropology and Philosophy MA LV65
Anthropology and Theology & Religious Studies MA LV66
Geography and History MA LV71
Politics and Theology & Religious Studies MA LVG6
Sociology and Theology & Religious Studies MA LVJ6
Film & Visual Culture and Sociology MA LW36
Anthropology and Film & Visual Culture MA LW66
Law LLB M114
Law - Accelerated LLB M115
Law with English Law - Accelerated LLB M116
Law with English Law and European Legal Studies (5 years) LLB M117
Law and French Law (5 years) LLB M121
Law with options in Spanish LLB M122
Law and German Law (5 years) LLB M123
Law with options in German LLB M124
Law with options in French LLB M125
Law and Spanish Law (5 years) LLB M126
Law and European Legal Studies (5 years) LLB M127
Law with options in Gaelic Language LLB M128
Law with Computing Science LLB M1G1
Law with options in Economics LLB M1L1
Law with options in Business Management LLB M1N2
Law with options in Accountancy LLB M1N4
Law with options in Music LLB M1W3
Law with English Law LLB M2M1
Legal Studies and Politics MA ML12
International Relations and Legal Studies MA MLC2
Business Management and Legal Studies MA MN92
French and Legal Studies (5 years) MA MR91
German and Legal Studies (5 years) MA MR92
Legal Studies and Spanish & Latin American Studies (5 years) MA MR94
French and Legal Studies MA MRX1
Law with options in Mandarin, LLB LLB MT10
International Business MA N120
International Business (5 years) MBus N125
MBus International Business with Gaelic (5 years) MBus N1Q5
MBus International Business with French (5 years) MBus N1R1
MBus International Business with German (5 years) MBus N1R2
MBus International Business with Spanish (5 years) MBus N1R4
Business Management MA N200
Finance MA N300
Accountancy MA N400
Finance and Real Estate MA NK32
Accountancy and Economics MA NL41
Finance and International Relations MA NLH2
Accountancy and Legal Studies MA NM49
Accountancy and Business Management MA NN24
Business Management and Finance MA NN32
Accountancy and Finance MA NN34
International Business with Gaelic MA NQ15
International Business with French MA NR10
International Business with Spanish MA NR14
International Business with German MA NR20
Business Management and French MA NR21
Finance and French (5 years) MA NR31
Finance and German (5 years) MA NR32
Accountancy and French MA NR41
Accountancy and German MA NR42
Accountancy and Spanish & Latin American Studies MA NR44
International Business with Mandarin MA NT12
MBus International Business with Mandarin (5 years) MBus NT25
Business Management and History MA NV21
Language & Linguistics MA Q190
English MA Q300
English and Scottish Literature MA Q314
English with Music Studies MA Q3W3
Gaelic Studies MA Q530
Language & Linguistics and Sociology MA QL13
English and International Relations MA QL32
English and Sociology MA QL33
Economics and Gaelic Studies MA QL51
Gaelic Studies and Politics MA QL52
Gaelic Studies and Sociology MA QL53
Gaelic Studies and Geography MA QL57
Business Management and English MA QN32
Business Management and Gaelic Studies MA QN52
English and Language & Linguistics MA QQ31
Gaelic Studies and Language & Linguistics MA QQ51
English and Gaelic Studies MA QQ53
English and French (5 years) MA QR31
English and German (5 years) MA QR32
English and Spanish & Latin American Studies (5 years) MA QR34
French and Gaelic Studies MA QR51
Gaelic Studies and German MA QR52
Gaelic Studies and Spanish & Latin American Studies MA QR54
Language & Linguistics and Philosophy MA QV15
English and History MA QV31
English and History of Art MA QV33
English and Philosophy MA QV35
Gaelic Studies and History MA QV51
Gaelic Studies and History of Art MA QV53