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Degree Programme Degree Qualification UCAS Code
Genetics (Immunology) BSc C450
Genetics (Immunology) with Industrial Placement MSci C451
Microbiology BSc C500
Microbiology with Industrial Placement MSci C501
Immunology with Industrial Placement MSci C550
Immunology BSc C552
Sports and Exercise Science BSc C600
Exercise and Health Science with Industrial Placement MSci C601
Sports and Exercise Science with Industrial Placement MSci C602
Exercise and Health Science BSc C603
Biochemistry BSc C700
Biochemistry with Industrial Placement MSci C701
Psychology BSc C800
Behavioural Studies MA C801
Psychology MA C802
Behavioural Studies BSc C803
Behavioural Biology BSc C859
Psychology with Counselling Skills MA C8B9
Psychology with Gaelic MA C8QM
Psychology with Gaelic BSc C8QN
Psychology with French BSc C8R1
Psychology with German BSc C8R2
Psychology with French MA C8RC
Psychology with German MA C8RF
Biological Sciences MSci C900
Biological Sciences BSc C901
Molecular Biology with Industrial Placement MSci CC47
Human Embryology and Developmental Biology BSc CC71
Molecular Biology BSc CC74
Human Embryology and Developmental Biology with Industrial Placement MSci CC7C
Plant and Soil Science BSc CD27
Behavioural Studies and Sociology MA CL13
Legal Studies and Psychology MA CM89
Business Management and Psychology MA CN28
Behavioural Studies and Philosophy MA CV15
Ecology BSc D430
Chemistry BSc F100
Chemistry (5 years) MChem F105
Oil and Gas Chemistry (5 years) MChem F110
Oil and Gas Chemistry BSc F111
Environmental Chemistry BSc F142
Environmental Chemistry (5 years) MChem F143
Physics BSc F300
Natural Philosophy MA F301
Physical Sciences BSc F302
Physics with Geology BSc F3F6
Physics with Philosophy BSc F3V5
Archaeology BSc F420
Archaeology MA F421
Geology (5 years) MGeol F600