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Degree Programme Degree Qualification UCAS Code
Childhood Practice BA
Professional Development BA
Divinity BD V600
Dentistry BDS A201
Chemical Engineering BEng H813
Engineering BEng H100
Engineering (Civil and Environmental) BEng H220
Engineering (Civil) BEng H200
Engineering (Mechanical) BEng H300
Petroleum Engineering BEng H851
Engineering (Mechanical and Electrical) BEng HH36
Engineering (Electrical and Electronic) BEng H620
Engineering (Electronic and Software) BEng H6H4
Engineering (Civil and Structural) BEng H221
Engineering (Mechanical with Oil and Gas Studies) BEng H3H8
Music BMus W300
Music Education BMus XW13
Community Music BMus W390
Applied Mathematics BSc G120
Geography BSc F800
Psychology BSc C800
Plant and Soil Science BSc CD27
Physiology BSc B120
Physics BSc F300
Genetics (Immunology) BSc C450
Geology and Petroleum Geology BSc F602
Immunology and Pharmacology BSc BC25
Environmental Science BSc F900
Environmental Chemistry BSc F142
Zoology BSc C300
Geophysics BSc F660
Human Embryology and Developmental Biology BSc CC71
Geography and Geoscience BSc FF68
Genetics BSc C400
Immunology BSc C552
Mathematics and Physics BSc FG31
Computing Science and Physics BSc IF13
Computing Science and Mathematics BSc GGK1
Microbiology BSc C500
Oil and Gas Chemistry BSc F111
Molecular Biology BSc CC74
Pharmacology BSc B210
Animal Behaviour BSc C349
Geology and Physics BSc FF63
Geoscience BSc F610
Business Management and Information Systems BSc GN54
Marine Biology BSc C350
Applied Sports Science BSc C605
Mathematics BSc G100
Physical Sciences BSc F302
Exercise and Health Science BSc C603
Biomedical Sciences (Anatomy) BSc B9BC
Conservation Biology BSc C161
Chemistry BSc F100
Biology BSc C100
Ecology BSc D430
Psychology with French BSc C8R1
Physics with Philosophy BSc F3V5
Physics with Geology BSc F3F6
Neuroscience with Psychology BSc B170
Sports and Exercise Science BSc C600
Mathematics with Gaelic BSc G1Q5
Computing Science BSc G400
Biological Sciences BSc C901
Biomedical Sciences (Developmental Biology) BSc B9C1
Archaeology BSc F420
Biotechnology (Applied Molecular Biology) BSc J700
Biomedical Sciences (Physiology) BSc B9B1
Biomedical Sciences (Pharmacology) BSc B9B2
Biomedical Sciences (Molecular Biology) BSc B9C7
Behavioural Biology BSc C859
Biochemistry BSc C700
Psychology with German BSc C8R2
Psychology with Gaelic BSc C8QN
Theology BTh V612
Counselling Skills Certificate
Gateway2Medicine Certificate A1A1
Pre-Medical Studies (Sri Lanka) Certificate
Christian and Religious Studies Flexible Programme Certificate, Diploma, or BTh Theology (Distance) Certificate
Certificate in Archaeology Certificate
Dental Technology DipHE
Law with English Law LLB M2M1
Law with options in Mandarin, LLB LLB MT10
Law with options in Music LLB M1W3
Law with English Law - Accelerated LLB M116
Law with options in Business Management LLB M1N2
Law with options in Economics LLB M1L1
Law and French Law (5 years) LLB M121
Law and German Law (5 years) LLB M123
Law with options in Accountancy LLB M1N4
Law and Spanish Law (5 years) LLB M126
Law and European Legal Studies (5 years) LLB M127
Law with options in French LLB M125
Law with Computing Science LLB M1G1
Law with options in Spanish LLB M122
Law with English Law and European Legal Studies (5 years) LLB M117
Law - Accelerated LLB M115
Law with options in Gaelic Language LLB M128
Law with options in German LLB M124
Law LLB M114
French and Philosophy MA VR51
French and Mathematics MA RG11
Gaelic Studies and Sociology MA QL53
French and Legal Studies (5 years) MA MR91
Gaelic Studies and Theology & Religious Studies MA VQ65
Gaelic Studies and Politics MA QL52
Gaelic Studies and Language & Linguistics MA QQ51
Geography and German MA LR72
Geography and Spanish & Latin American Studies MA LR74
Geography and Sociology MA LL73
Geography and International Relations MA LL72
Geography and History MA LV71
Gaelic Studies and History of Art MA QV53
Gaelic Studies and History MA QV51
French and Theology & Religious Studies (5 years) MA VR61
French and Theology & Religious Studies MA RV16
French and Politics (5 years) MA RL12
French and Politics MA LR21
French and Sociology MA RLC3
French and Sociology (5 years) MA RL13
Gaelic Studies and Spanish & Latin American Studies MA QR54
Gaelic Studies and German MA QR52
Gaelic Studies and Geography MA QL57
French and Philosophy (5 years) MA RV15
Finance and French MA RN13
Film & Visual Culture and Spanish & Latin American Studies (5 years) MA WR6K
Film & Visual Culture and German (5 years) MA WR6F
Film & Visual Culture and Gaelic Studies MA QW56
Film & Visual Culture and History MA WV61
Film & Visual Culture and History of Art MA WV63
Film & Visual Culture and Philosophy MA WV65
Film & Visual Culture and International Relations MA WL62
Film & Visual Culture and French (5 years) MA WR6C
Film & Visual Culture and French MA WR61
English and International Relations MA QL32
English and History of Art MA QV33
English and History MA QV31
English and Language & Linguistics MA QQ31
English and Philosophy MA QV35
English and Sociology MA QL33
English and Theology and Religious Studies MA QVH6
Film & Visual Culture and Sociology MA LW36
Finance and French (5 years) MA NR31
French and History of Art (5 years) MA RV13
French and History of Art MA VR31
French and History (5 years) MA RV11
French and International Relations MA LRF1
French and International Relations (5 years) MA RLC2
French and Language & Linguistics (5 years) MA RQ11
French and Language & Linguistics MA RQC1
French and History MA VR11
French and Spanish & Latin American Studies MA RR14
Finance and International Relations MA NLH2
Finance and Spanish & Latin American Studies (5 years) MA RN43
Finance and German (5 years) MA NR32
Finance and Real Estate MA NK32
French and Gaelic Studies MA QR51
French and German MA RR12
French and Geography MA LR71
French and Legal Studies MA MRX1
International Relations and Legal Studies MA MLC2
Philosophy and Psychology MA VC58
Philosophy and Politics MA VL52
Philosophy and Physics MA VF53
Philosophy and Theology & Religious Studies MA VV65
Philosophy and Sociology MA VL53
Politics and Sociology MA LL23
Politics and Theology & Religious Studies MA LVG6
Mathematics and Philosophy MA GV15
Legal Studies and Psychology MA CM89
International Relations and Sociology MA LLF3
International Relations and Theology & Religious Studies MA VL62
Language & Linguistics and Philosophy MA QV15
Language & Linguistics and Sociology MA QL13
Legal Studies and Politics MA ML12
Legal Studies and Philosophy MA VM51
Psychology and Sociology MA LC38
International Business with French MA NR10
History with Music Studies MA V1W3
Spanish & Latin American Studies with Music Studies (5 years) MA R4W3
German with Music Studies (5 years) MA R2W3
Mathematics with Gaelic MA G1Q8
Psychology with French MA C8RC
Psychology with German MA C8RF
Psychology with Gaelic MA C8QM
French with Music Studies (5 years) MA R1W3
French with Music Studies MA R1WH
International Business with German MA NR20
International Business with Gaelic MA NQ15
International Business with Mandarin MA NT12
International Business with Spanish MA NR14
English with Music Studies MA Q3W3
Modern Languages and Translation & Interpreting Studies with Overseas Placement MA RQ51
English and Spanish & Latin American Studies (5 years) MA QR34
International Relations and Language & Linguistics MA LQ21
German and Theology & Religious Studies MA RV26
German and Politics (5 years) MA RL22
German and Politics MA LR22
German and Sociology MA RLF3
German and Sociology (5 years) MA RL23