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Degree Programme Degree Qualification UCAS Code
Law with options in Gaelic Language LLB M128
Law with options in German LLB M124
Law with options in Music LLB M1W3
Law with options in Spanish LLB M122
Legal Studies and Philosophy MA VM51
Legal Studies and Politics MA ML12
Legal Studies and Psychology MA CM89
Legal Studies and Spanish & Latin American Studies (5 years) MA MR94
Marine Biology BSc C350
Mathematics BSc G100
Mathematics MA G102
Mathematics and Philosophy MA GV15
Mathematics and Physics BSc FG31
Mathematics and Spanish & Latin American Studies MA RG41
Mathematics with French BSc G1R1
Mathematics with Gaelic BSc G1Q5
Mathematics with Gaelic MA G1Q8
Mathematics with German BSc G1R2
Mathematics with Spanish BSc G1R4
Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (5 years) MEng HHH6
Mechanical Engineering MEng H305
Mechanical Engineering with Business Management MEng H3N2
Mechanical Engineering with Subsea Technologies MEng H309
Medicine (5 years) MBChB A100
Mental Philosophy MA V500
Microbiology BSc C500
Microbiology with Industrial Placement MSci C501
Molecular Biology BSc CC74
Molecular Biology with Industrial Placement MSci CC47
Music BMus W300
Music and Communities BMus W390
Music Education BMus XW13
Natural Philosophy MA F301
Neuroscience with Psychology BSc B170
Neuroscience with Psychology with Industrial Placement MSci B1C8
Oil and Gas Chemistry BSc F111
Oil and Gas Chemistry (5 years) MChem F110
Petroleum Engineering BEng H851
Petroleum Engineering (5 years) MEng H850
Pharmacology BSc B210
Pharmacology with Industrial Placement MSci B211
Philosophy and Physics MA VF53
Philosophy and Politics MA VL52
Philosophy and Psychology MA VC58
Philosophy and Sociology MA VL53
Philosophy and Theology & Religious Studies MA VV56
Philosophy with Music Studies MA V5W3
Philosophy, Politics and Economics MA VL51
Physical Sciences BSc F302
Physics BSc F300