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Degree Programme Degree Qualification UCAS Code
Physics with Geology BSc F3F6
Physics with Philosophy BSc F3V5
Biotechnology (Applied Molecular Biology) BSc J700
Biomedical Sciences (Pharmacology) BSc B9B2
Applied Mathematics BSc G120
Neuroscience with Psychology BSc B170
Mathematics with Gaelic BSc G1Q5
Mathematics with German BSc G1R2
Mathematics with Spanish BSc G1R4
Chemistry BSc F100
Biomedical Sciences (Molecular Biology) BSc B9C7
Psychology with French BSc C8R1
Biochemistry BSc C700
Behavioural Studies BSc C803
Behavioural Biology BSc C859
Psychology with German BSc C8R2
Psychology with Gaelic BSc C8QN
Biological Sciences BSc C901
Biomedical Sciences (Developmental Biology) BSc B9C1
Biomedical Sciences (Anatomy) BSc B9BC
Archaeology BSc F420
Biology BSc C100
Mathematics with French BSc G1R1
Biomedical Sciences (Physiology) BSc B9B1
Computing Science BSc G400
Conservation Biology BSc C161
Ecology BSc D430
Theology BTh V612
Counselling Skills Certificate
Certificate in Archaeology Certificate
Law with options in Accountancy LLB M1N4
Law and Spanish Law (5 years) LLB M126
Law with options in German LLB M124
Law with options in Music LLB M1W3
Law with options in Economics LLB M1L1
Law and German Law (5 years) LLB M123
Law with English Law and European Legal Studies (5 years) LLB M117
Law and French Law (5 years) LLB M121
Law with English Law - Accelerated LLB M116
Law with options in French LLB M125
Law with options in Business Management LLB M1N2
Law with options in Spanish LLB M122
Law with options in Gaelic Language LLB M128
Law - Accelerated LLB M115
Law LLB M114
Law and European Legal Studies (5 years) LLB M127
Law with English Law LLB M2M1
Geography and German MA LR72
French and Mathematics MA RG11
Gaelic Studies and Politics MA QL52