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Degree Programme Degree Qualification UCAS Code
French and History of Art (5 years) MA RV13
French and International Relations (5 years) MA RLC2
French and International Relations MA LRF1
English and Spanish & Latin American Studies (5 years) MA QR34
French and German MA RR12
Finance and Real Estate MA NK32
English and Theology and Religious Studies MA QVH6
French and Gaelic Studies MA QR51
English and Philosophy MA QV35
English and Language & Linguistics MA QQ31
French and Geography MA LR71
French and Language & Linguistics MA RQC1
International Relations and Legal Studies MA MLC2
Philosophy and Politics MA VL52
Philosophy and Physics MA VF53
Mathematics and Philosophy MA GV15
Philosophy and Psychology MA VC58
Philosophy and Theology & Religious Studies MA VV65
Politics and Theology & Religious Studies MA LVG6
Philosophy and Sociology MA VL53
Legal Studies and Psychology MA CM89
Legal Studies and Politics MA ML12
International Relations and Theology & Religious Studies MA VL62
English and German (5 years) MA QR32
International Relations and Sociology MA LLF3
Language & Linguistics and Philosophy MA QV15
Legal Studies and Philosophy MA VM51
Language & Linguistics and Sociology MA QL13
Politics and Sociology MA LL23
Psychology and Sociology MA LC38
History with Music Studies MA V1W3
Spanish & Latin American Studies with Music Studies (5 years) MA R4W3
German with Music Studies (5 years) MA R2W3
Mathematics with Gaelic MA G1Q8
Psychology with French MA C8RC
Psychology with German MA C8RF
Psychology with Gaelic MA C8QM
French with Music Studies (5 years) MA R1W3
French with Music Studies MA R1WH
International Business with Gaelic MA NQ15
International Business with French MA NR10
International Business with German MA NR20
International Business with Mandarin MA NT12
English with Music Studies MA Q3W3
International Business with Spanish MA NR14
International Relations and Language & Linguistics MA LQ21
History of Art and Theology & Religious Studies MA VV36
German and Politics (5 years) MA RL22
German and Politics MA LR22
German and Philosophy (5 years) MA RV25