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Degree Programme Degree Qualification UCAS Code
Accountancy MA N400
Accountancy and Business Management MA NN24
Accountancy and Economics MA NL41
Accountancy and Finance MA NN34
Accountancy and French MA NR41
Accountancy and German MA NR42
Accountancy and Legal Studies MA NM49
Accountancy and Spanish & Latin American Studies MA NR44
Animal Behaviour BSc C349
Anthropology MA L600
Anthropology and Archaeology MA LF64
Anthropology and English MA LQ63
Anthropology and Film & Visual Culture MA LW66
Anthropology and French MA RL16
Anthropology and French (5 years) MA LR61
Anthropology and Gaelic Studies MA LQ65
Anthropology and Geography MA LL67
Anthropology and German MA RL26
Anthropology and German (5 years) MA LR62
Anthropology and History MA LV61
Anthropology and International Relations MA LLP2
Anthropology and Philosophy MA LV65
Anthropology and Politics MA LL62
Anthropology and Psychology MA LC68
Anthropology and Sociology MA LL63
Anthropology and Spanish & Latin American Studies (5 years) MA LR64
Anthropology and Theology & Religious Studies MA LV66
Applied Mathematics MA G122
Applied Mathematics BSc G120
Applied Sports Science BSc C605
Archaeology BSc F420
Archaeology MA F421
Archaeology and Celtic & Anglo-Saxon Studies MA 5V6Q
Archaeology and History MA FV41
Archaeology and History of Art MA FV43
Behavioural Biology BSc C859
Behavioural Studies MA C801
Behavioural Studies BSc C803
Behavioural Studies and Philosophy MA CV15
Behavioural Studies and Sociology MA CL13
Biochemistry BSc C700
Biochemistry with Industrial Placement MSci C701
Biological Sciences MSci C900
Biological Sciences BSc C901
Biology BSc C100
Biomedical Sciences (Anatomy) BSc B9BC
Biomedical Sciences (Anatomy) with Industrial Placement MSci B9BD
Biomedical Sciences (Developmental Biology) BSc B9C1
Biomedical Sciences (Developmental Biology) with Industrial Placement MSci B9CC
Biomedical Sciences (Molecular Biology) BSc B9C7