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Degree Programme Degree Qualification UCAS Code
Archaeology MA F421
Geology (5 years) MGeol F600
Geology and Petroleum Geology BSc F602
Geoscience BSc F610
Geophysics BSc F660
Geography BSc F800
Environmental Science BSc F900
Geology and Physics BSc FF63
Geography and Geoscience BSc FF68
Mathematics and Physics BSc FG31
Archaeology and History MA FV41
Archaeology and History of Art MA FV43
Mathematics BSc G100
Mathematics MA G102
Applied Mathematics BSc G120
Applied Mathematics MA G122
Mathematics with Gaelic BSc G1Q5
Mathematics with Gaelic MA G1Q8
Computing Science BSc G400
Computing Science with Industrial Placement MSci G401
Computing MA G402
Computing with Industrial Placement MA G405
Computing Science and Mathematics BSc GGK1
Business Management and Mathematics MA GN12
Business Management and Information Systems MA GN52
Business Management and Information Systems BSc GN54
Mathematics and Philosophy MA GV15
Engineering BEng H100
Engineering (5 years) MEng H104
Engineering (Civil) BEng H200
Civil Engineering MEng H205
Engineering (Civil and Environmental) BEng H220
Engineering (Civil and Structural) BEng H221
Civil and Structural Engineering MEng H225
Civil Engineering with Subsea Technology (5 years) MEng H229
Civil and Environmental Engineering MEng H255
Engineering (Mechanical) BEng H300
Mechanical Engineering MEng H305
Mechanical Engineering with Subsea Technology MEng H309
Engineering (Mechanical with Oil and Gas Studies) BEng H3H8
Mechanical Engineering with Management MEng H3N2
Electrical and Electronic Engineering MEng H605
Engineering (Electrical and Electronic) BEng H620
Engineering in Electronic and Software Engineering MEng H6H3
Engineering (Electronic and Software) BEng H6H4
Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Renewable Energy MEng H6H6
Chemical Engineering MEng H810
Chemical Engineering BEng H813
Petroleum Engineering MEng H850
Petroleum Engineering BEng H851
Engineering (Mechanical and Electrical) BEng HH36
Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (5 years) MEng HHH6
Computing Science (5 years) MEng I101
Computing Science and Physics BSc IF13
Computing and Music MA IW13
Biotechnology (Applied Molecular Biology) BSc J700
Biotechnology (Applied Molecular Biology) with Industrial Placement MSci J701
Real Estate MA K437
Business Management and Real Estate MA K438
Economics MA L100
Financial Economics MA L111
Politics and International Relations MA L240
Sociology MA L300
Anthropology MA L600
Geography MA L700
Economics and Psychology MA LC18
Psychology and Sociology MA LC38
Anthropology and Psychology MA LC68
Anthropology and Archaeology MA LF64
Economics and Mathematics MA LG11
Economics and Politics MA LL12
Economics and Sociology MA LL13
Economics and Geography MA LL17
Politics and Sociology MA LL23
Anthropology and Politics MA LL62
Anthropology and Sociology MA LL63
Anthropology and Geography MA LL67
Geography and International Relations MA LL72
Geography and Sociology MA LL73
Economics and International Relations MA LLC2
International Relations and Sociology MA LLF3
Anthropology and International Relations MA LLP2
Economics and Legal Studies MA LM19
Economics and Finance MA LN13
Business Management and Politics MA LN22
Business Management and Sociology MA LN32
Business Management and Geography MA LN72
Business Management and Economics MA LNC2
Business Management and International Relations MA LNF2
International Relations and Language & Linguistics MA LQ21
Anthropology and English MA LQ63
Anthropology and Gaelic Studies MA LQ65
Economics and French (5 years) MA LR11
Economics and German (5 years) MA LR12
Economics and Spanish & Latin American Studies (5 years) MA LR14
French and Politics MA LR21
German and Politics MA LR22
Anthropology and French (5 years) MA LR61
Anthropology and German (5 years) MA LR62
Anthropology and Spanish & Latin American Studies (5 years) MA LR64