What is it for?

The basic purpose of this initiative is to encourage primary and secondary school children to engage in educational and active extra-curricular activities in their local area as well as further afield. 


The range of accredited activities includes sports, after school clubs, visit to museums, national parks or other sites of interest.

Children's University Graduation Ceremony

The pupils have an opportunity to collect their certificate at an annual Graduation Ceremony. This Graduation Ceremony normally takes place at The University of Aberdeen.

How do pupils take part in Children's University?

The pupils are signed up to the scheme via their school. They are issued with a Children’s University passport. When they take part in an accredited extra-curricular activity they receive a stamp in their passport. Once they have accumulated enough activity hours they will receive a certificate. 

For information please see the Children’s University website.

Further Information: 
Email: cu-aberdeen@abdn.ac.uk