Austria - Universität Innsbruck

Austria - Universität Innsbruck

Universität Innsbruck

Suitable for all students and subjects (with the exception of Medicine and Dentistry)


Founded in 1669, the University of Innsbruck looks back to a long and variable history. The University has always been a supporting pillar of the Tyrolean society and has influenced the region tremendously. The importance of its status as a research and educating institution can be seen in the numerous award winning alumni and current and former scientists teaching and researching at the University. Many scientific cutting-edge discoveries have been made at this institution.

Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol, offers a special mixture of urban flair and impressive nature thanks to its geographical location. The city is situated in the middle of the Alps and attracts its inhabitants with a breath taking panorama and a wide range of different activities. The capital of Tyrol provides a high quality of life and invites you to feel good and relax. Innsbruck is where city and nature as well as tradition and modernity meet. Innsbruck shows its urban character in many different ways: from a first-class transportation network, numerous cultural activities, entertainment possibilities and shopping facilities, to traditional or alternative restaurants and bars.


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