Articulation Routes exist where the curriculum at College closely matches that of the University. Students on these pathways will enter University at Level 2 or 3, depending on the degree of match and the grades achieved. Where we have an articulation route with a College we regularly visit both key staff and students to offer support and guidance about the pathway to University.

We offer all students on an Articulation Routes the chance to join us on our Articulation Day. This offers an opportunity for College students to come onto campus and join our staff and students in classes, take part in campus tours, chat to Admissions selectors, meet students who have come from College in previous years and experience what Aberdeen University has to offer them. At this event College students can be enrolled as Associate students in the University, giving them access to the University facilities before they actually start their studies. The purpose these activities are to allow students to make well informed choices about their future and ease transition from College to University education.

The number of Articulation Routes is increasing yearly, current partners are detailed below: