Welcome to our Medicine subject resources page. Here you can download documents about studying Medicine at the University of Aberdeen, access links with more information and watch videos about studying with us. Information is provided for our MBChB Medicine degree and our Gateway 2 Medicine pathway. You can now also watch recordings below from the live event. 

Our programmes are delivered in world-class facilities by academic staff who are at the forefront of teaching and research excellence. Based on one of the largest health campuses in Europe on site facilities include a large teaching hospital, paediatric and maternity hospitals.

Our modern, dynamic and clearly delivered Medicine (MBChB) programme uses a systems-based, integrated approach to learning. The curriculum is constantly reviewed and updated in response to changing GMC guidance, scientific and medical advances, changes in healthcare delivery and educational theory and practice. Students work with our patient partners from the start of the programme and placements in the remote and rural areas of Northern Scotland provide unique opportunities to experience healthcare in a variety of settings. We also offer an accessible and supportive route into medicine for Scottish domiciled students through our Gateway 2 Medicine programme. This programme is open to students who meet specific Widening Access criteria. 

The University of Aberdeen is ranked 2nd in the UK for Medicine (Guardian University Guide 2022). In the latest NSS Survey, we are also ranked 1st in the UK for overall student satisfaction in Medicine and Dentistry (NSS 2020).


Recordings from our Medicine Open Day

Missed any part of our Medicine & Dentistry Open Day? Catch up on our sessions, presentations and panels here!

Read testimonials from graduating Medicine students Dominika and Jeremie! They talk about why they picked Aberdeen, what they've enjoyed about their years at the Medical School, and their next steps as they start their careers as doctors.

Dominika, Medicine

Dominika Boldovjakova is from Slovakia and studied Medicine (MBChB) at the University of Aberdeen from 2016-2021.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Aberdeen?

There are several reasons why I decided to choose Aberdeen. I really liked the fact that students in Aberdeen have early patient contact, the close proximity to the hospital and the way the course is structured. I remember coming to Aberdeen for the interview and feeling very welcome – everyone was friendly and I really liked the atmosphere on the campus. Secondly, I really liked the city and the nearby mountains and forests, as well as numerous beautiful beaches in the vicinity. This was definitely something that played a role when I had to choose a place where I was going to spend a minimum of 5 years. 

What part of your experience of studying here did you find most enjoyable/interesting?

That is a very difficult question. I really enjoyed my time in Aberdeen and loved the course. My favourite memories are probably from the clinical placements. They were always the main highlight of my week and I felt very privileged to be able to communicate with patients from very early on. To add to that, I really enjoyed all the simulation sessions. They were always good fun, and it is such a great way to learn in a safe environment. The most interesting thing about the Aberdeen course, I think, are all different places that we had the opportunity to visit during our clinical attachments.

What have you enjoyed most about living in Aberdeen?

I felt in love with the Scottish nature and picked up a lot of interesting hobbies during my studies such as Munro bagging, road cycling and trail running. Aberdeen is such a fantastic place for someone who likes spending time in nature. Whether it is mountains, lochs or seaside, all are in a very close proximity.

How does Aberdeen compare with home?

Aberdeen is very similar and yet very different from Slovakia. I grew up in a mountainous region of Slovakia, so I really felt at home in Aberdeenshire. The Scottish culture is very different to the Slovak one and the Aberdonian accent can sometimes be tricky to understand, but I adapted very quickly and now consider Aberdeen my home.

What was it like moving here?

It was challenging to move so far away from my family. However, I really enjoyed embracing new culture and studying in a foreign language. I met a lot of amazing people and felt very supported, making it easy for me to integrate the university community.

What would you say to someone thinking of coming to study at Aberdeen?

Aberdeen is a great place to study with a lot to offer, so I would encourage them to explore the area, try new things and enjoy their time once they enrol at the University.

Where are you going to work when you have finished your degree?

I fell in love with Aberdeen and the hospital so much that I decided to stay here for my foundation years. I am excited for all the adventures that are waiting for me in the next two years. If you decide to come to Aberdeen and see me pass by on the street, don’t be afraid to say hi!

Jeremie, Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (Anatomy)

Jeremie Juan is from Dunfermline, Scotland and studied Medicine (MBChB) at the University of Aberdeen from 2015-2021. Jeremie also completed an intercalated year, studying BSc Biomedical Science (Anatomy).

Why did you choose to study at the University of Aberdeen?

Aberdeen became my first-choice medical school after the amazing experience I had during my interviews and at the open day. It very quickly became clear how friendly and welcoming Aberdeen is as a university city. I felt like the medical school had the perfect balance of early clinical contact and first-rate anatomy and clinical skills teaching. The course also had so many unique and interesting aspects, such as the option to do remote and rural placements in the most beautiful parts of the country and the chance to broaden your horizons with a 6-week humanities student selected component (SSC). The biggest factor, though, was the real atmosphere of togetherness within the medical school – it was great to see the friendship and support between students from all different year groups, staff members, and patient partners!

What part of your experience of studying here did you find most enjoyable/interesting?

I especially loved my final year here in Aberdeen. You spend the entirety of your final two years on placement in hospitals and General Practices and I feel like it has been the perfect preparation for starting work as a doctor. The way we are exposed to the clinical environment over the course of our degree – gradually increasing the time spent on the wards as the years go on – really helped to feel comfortable in a range of environments and helped me to make the most out of every opportunity to learn. In my final year, I spent 7 weeks at a fantastic GP practice in Brora and had a wonderful time learning from the nicest people in the most beautiful of highland settings.

Student societies and sports clubs were another huge part of my time at Aberdeen and there are hundreds to choose from! They’ve helped me to explore deeper academic interests, broadened my mind to new areas outside of medicine, and carry on playing the sports I love at a competitive and enjoyable level. There really is something for everyone and heaps of opportunity to try something new and make friends for life!

What have you enjoyed most about living in Aberdeen?

For me, Aberdeen was the perfect size of city. Everywhere is in walking distance, it’s full of beautiful green parks, and has a great food and social scene. On top of that, you’re surrounded by amazing Aberdeenshire beaches and the highlands are never far for an escape to the mountains.

How does Aberdeen compare with home?

I come from a place called Dunfermline, in Fife, just a couple hours south of Aberdeen. Aberdeen was great because it really has everything you could want in a city – good restaurants, nice bars, great outdoor spaces, and transport links across Scotland and even out to the rest of Europe from Aberdeen Airport. I’ve got a lot of hometown pride and it was great never to be too far from Dunfermline but, looking back, Aberdeen really has become a second home for me, so home was even closer than I realised!

What was it like moving here?

It was daunting at first, but all my worries soon disappeared during Freshers’ Week when I started to meet some of the people that would quickly become my best mates. I was lucky enough to be coming to Aberdeen with a few friends from high school which was nice to have a bit of familiarity as we embarked on a new adventure and we soon made loads of new friends from all over the world. The uni were really good at putting on welcome events and MedSoc’s famous adoption night made sure that we felt a part of the medical school family from week 1.

What would you say to someone thinking of coming to study at Aberdeen?

I wouldn’t change my decision to come to Aberdeen for the world and couldn’t recommend it to you enough! There really is something for everyone here and you’ll feel welcome from day 1 – all you need to do is get stuck in wherever you choose and just enjoy yourself. Also, the medical admissions team are all amazingly friendly, so if there’s ever anything you want to know about studying here, they’ll be able to help you out or point you in the direction of a smiling student ambassador to tell you everything you’d like to know.

Where are you going to work when you have finished your degree?

I’m going to be starting work as a foundation year doctor in Edinburgh and Fife in the next couple of months! I’ll definitely miss Aberdeen but I’m happy knowing it has prepared me really well for starting my first job and I’m really looking forward to carrying on with the next steps of this big adventure!

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