What our students say

When embarking on your university journey, it always helps to hear from those that have done it themselves. Our students have written a range of blogs and recorded videos to help you learn from their experiences. 

The transition to blended learning 

The Good, The Bad and The Weather 

Looking after your mental health at university 

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Comments from the wishing tree

Every year at our Live on the Lawn event we ask our students to tell us why they love our University and add them to the wishing tree, here are some of their comments. 

Close up of a message on the wishing tree

"Aberdeen University my home, my life. Being here made me feel that I can be anything I want I can walk in confidence in everything Aberdeen University wants me to be. I love Aberdeen University."

"This is the first year I have been there - but the beautiful landscape and open atmosphere in the university always appealing to me. I love this place in here and the friends I make, the knowledge I have learnt will be a great fortune to me! I will treasure the precious time! I love here. I love you. Aberdeen and the University of Aberdeen."

"The opportunities it has given me, From the clubs and societies to new subjects and going abroad it has opened up so many doors for me. Thanks!"

Male student smiling next to wishing tree

"University of Aberdeen is where I found my inspiration and started following my dreams. I made long lasting friendships and found support anywhere I asked. I don't want to graduate so soon!"

"In every class you can meet people from all around the world and I think that’s so amazing. I think it is also the amazing variety of extracurricular activities you have offer. Attending them has allowed me to learn some amazing new skills. The quality of teaching is incredible. Aberdeen is awesome."