International Student Calculator

International Student Calculator

Tuition Fees and Living Costs

What will I need to pay for?

Your main costs will be your tuition fees, your accommodation, materials for your course (books, stationery etc) and your cost of living, including food, transport and, of course, social life.

If you are a student from outside the EU then you will need to pay international fees.


Postgraduate students applying to any Masters programme within the Business School at the University of Aberdeen are required to pay deposit. On registration, the student will pay the standard fee minus the deposit already paid.

Other Costs

A rough estimate of other costs that you can expect in your first year might look like this:

 Item Cost 
 Accommodation costs (Halls with food)  £5,508
 Books and Stationery  £200
 Clothes  £200
 Laundry / Cleaning  £50
 Telephone  £80
 Postage  £50
 Travel  £100
 Sports / Leisure  £340
 Other Costs  £350
 Total  £6,878

Remember, this is a conservative estimate: most students will spend more than £200 on clothes in a year and your actual costs will depend on your lifestyle.

There may also be extra costs for your degree. For example, a number of science programmes involve compulsory or voluntary field courses and equipment which you may need to pay for.