Ideally suited to existing project professionals looking to up-skill or business managers looking to move in to project management roles.

The aims of the programme are to provide education and training at postgraduate level for students employed in a wide range of industrial sectors who are involved in project management, and to improve the work performance of the students by increasing their knowledge and understanding of the many topics that make up project management.

Key Facts

5 Months / 3 Years
Study Mode
Part Time
Start Month
September or January
Learning Mode
Online Learning

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Our MSc in Project Management is an APM accredited degree programme, aimed at industry professionals and delivered on a flexible part-time basis as a online learning degree.

The courses are completely modular in structure and have been carefully developed to provide a variety of levels of provision. A choice of exit levels is provided to suit the needs of the students thus leading to the award of a postgraduate Certificate, Diploma or MSc qualification.

Each of the levels can be taken over a minimum period of one year of part-time study although they can be taken over a longer period if it is more convenient. The minimum time to complete the whole programme is three years. Students are normally expected to complete the programme within five years although this can be extended depending on individual circumstances.

Flexibility and a firm grounding in current practice are the principal features of the MSc in Project Management, which is taught by a variety of visiting lecturers who are either practicing professionals or renowned academics.

What You'll Study

The information below applies to the 3 year part time online learning MSc programme which runs in September. You will find information about other ways to study this programme in the next section on this page.

Individual Subject Study (ISS) means the study of 1 or more courses. This can be done if specific modules are required for your personal/professional development, or as a way of introducing you to postgraduate study. Each course is 1 semester in duration.

Year 1

Compulsory Courses

Project Management Essentials 1 (EG5048)

Gives an overall picture of project management and introduces students to the main subject areas which make up this area of study. Emphasis is placed on practical skills, including writing and presentation. Students are given an overview of project management terms and definitions. Introduction to project budgeting in the context of company finance is addressed and the area of risk management (including probability, risk attitudes and risk analysis methods) introduced. Introduction to the important area of safety management as well as an introduction to managing project teams. Topics are covered in greater depth at a later stage of the course

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Organisations and People (EG5049)

This course introduces students to the problems of organisational life. The organizing concept for this course is the re-framing situations whereby students will learn to understand work / business situations through four lenses (organisational structure, organisational culture, power & politics, and HR).

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Project Planning and Control (EG5548)

This course is aimed at students who wish to develop a detailed understanding of project management and control practices. Very practical in its focus and assessments, students are introduced to the core elements of project planning and control including the development of detailed project schedules and budgets, the effective planning of project resources, methods for reporting progress, and mechanisms for exerting project control. This course is delivered as a part time distance learning option.

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Budgets and Financial Control (EG5549)

This course gives an introduction to basic accounting and finance concepts, with particular emphasis on their application to Project Management.

The course addresses three main sets of topics:

· Financial accounting, financial reporting, and accounts interpretation

· Management accounting, with particular emphasis on project accounting issues

· Project appraisal, using discounted cash flows and related techniques

It also considers the relationships between these and the organisational and behavioural context in which they are relevant.

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Year 2

Compulsory Courses

Quality and Risk Management (EG5064)

This course comprises two elements, Quality Systems and Risk Management. In the Quality Systems element students are introduced to the principles behind modern quality systems, and business process management. Statutory standards are investigated and discussed e.g. ISO9000, EFQM. The roles of statistics and statistical control in both quality and risk are addressed. The risk management element discusses in detail various qualitative techniques commonly used in industry and investigates how quantitative methods can be put into practice. Its importance in the area of project management is discussed in a holistic way, with practical examples of how this works in industry.

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Commercial & Contractual Issues (Distance Learning) (EG5074)

This module aims to introduce the students to the principle roles, functions and the legal obligations of managers. We will discuss the differences between managing small and large organisations. In addition, the course discusses the development and the management of the economy of geographical regions (Macro-economics).

Emphasis will be placed on the leadership and management behaviours and qualities. Throughout we will refer to topical cases to illustrate the good practices within organisations.

On completion the students should be able to critically analyse the strategy organisations, identify reasons for business failures and develop a business plan for a new venture.

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Project Management Essentials 2 (Distance Learning) (EG5573)

This module is constructed around the project stage gate process which it covers in some depth. It begins with a discussion of project management and what constitutes project success. It then goes on to explore aspects of the project lifecycle including the importance of good framing, Option identification and selection, project execution and finally operation and review.

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Group Project (EG5551)

The students are required to undertake a significant research project in small groups on a topic which will be relevant to industry. Both campus and distance learning students are expected to submit a group report of approximately 20,000 words.

This module builds on the certificate phase and aims to enhance the students’ understanding and knowledge of the many disciplines that comprise project.

Course is delivered as a part-time option for on-campus and distance learning. The students are required to co-ordinate their effort and contributions from each member of their small team.

Campus & Distance Learning – Written Project Report (100%).

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Year 3

Compulsory Courses

Managing Project Teams (EG5052)

This course builds on the re-framing approach to organisational life by considering whether a project manager should be a structural, symbolic, political or HR leader. The main academic content surrounds theories of leadership, and that of groups and teams, and is designed for students to reflect on their leadership and leadership development.

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Portfolio Project Management (EG50P5)

The course is in two parts, Portfolio Management and Programme Management.

The course teaches the Portfolio Management Process providing students with the knowledge and tools to understand why project selection, strategically aligned to corporate objectives, with the optimum mix of risk v reward is vital for an organisation’s success.

It further teaches all areas of Programme Management which helps an organisation to provide a framework for the co-ordination, management and control of all projects and business as usual activities that deliver benefits or outcomes from change.

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Individual Project In Project Management (EG5554)

The dissertation is an independent piece of work based on a topic of the students’ own choice, offering the student the opportunity of putting their acquired knowledge in to a practical application. Students are encouraged to focus their dissertations on a problem within their own organisations and demonstrate how the project management techniques that they have covered can be put in to practice. The dissertation should contain a degree of original work and demonstrate in-depth the skills and knowledge acquired throughout the MSc programme.

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We will endeavour to make all course options available; however, these may be subject to timetabling and other constraints. Please see our InfoHub pages for further information.

How You'll Study

Approximately 10-15 hours of study is expected per course/module per week. Normally students undertake 2 courses/modules concurrently.

Learning Methods

  • Lectures
  • Tutorials
  • Individual Projects
  • Group Projects
  • E-learning


The modules are assessed by a combination of coursework and written examination. Online learning coursework is submitted to the course tutor online and marks/comments will be sent back electronically. First sittings of exams are free if taken at the University of Aberdeen, but most online-learners take their exams in their nearest British Council Office or local University, who will charge for this service.

Why Study Project Management?

  • Fully accredited by the Association of Project Managers (APM).
  • The programme has been running successfully since 1993 and is recognised as a successful training pathway for new and existing project managers.
  • You will experience lectures being taught by industry professionals and have the opportunity to network with other professionals.
  • Depending on your personal ambitions and situation, you can choose to study for a full MSc or complete individual courses at your own pace.
  • This programme sits within our School of Engineering and is supported by industry professionals. This makes for the perfect combination of learning and expertise.
  • Ideally suited to the global oil and gas industry but also completely relevant to other major industries, including construction, manufacturing and public sector.
  • This programme delivers the perfect combination of business skills and technical knowledge. Essential elements for the perfect Project Manager.

Fees and Funding

You will be classified as one of the fee categories below.

Fee information
Fee category Status Amount
All Students
Charged on a modular basis per 15 credits
Tuition Fee for 2016/17 Academic Year £880
All Students
Charged on a modular basis per 15 credits
Tuition Fee for 2017/18 Academic Year £880
  • In exceptional circumstances there may be additional fees associated with specialist courses, for example field trips. Any additional fees for a course can be found in our Catalogue of Courses.
  • For more information about tuition fees for this programme, including payment plans and our refund policy, please visit our InfoHub Tuition Fees page.


View all funding options in our Funding Database.

Entry Requirements


In general, applicants are expected to hold a degree; however alternative/lower qualifications, combined with an appropriate level of relevant experience, may also be considered as a means for entry. For more advice on this please contact the Graduate School Admissions Team.

Language Requirements

All students entering the University must provide evidence that they can use English well enough to study effectively at the University of Aberdeen.

Details of our English language entry requirements can be found on our English Language Requirements webpages. This programme requires that you meet the College of Physical Sciences Postgraduate Standard level of English proficiency.

If you have not achieved the required scores, the University of Aberdeen offers pre-sessional English courses. Further details are available on our Language Centre website.

Nationals of some English-speaking countries or those who hold degrees from some English-speaking countries may be exempt from this requirement. Details of countries recognised as English-speaking can be found on our English Language Requirements webpages.

Document Requirements

  • CVan up-to-date CV/Resumé
  • Degree Certificatea degree certificate showing your qualifications
  • Degree Transcripta full transcript showing all the subjects you studied and the marks you have achieved in your degree(s) (original & official English translation)
  • Personal Statementa detailed personal statement explaining your motivation for this particular programme


Throughout organisations of all sizes operating across industries and sectors, project management skills are in significant demand. The attractiveness of this programme is that it is designed to further the careers of those already working in Project Management and firmly move those that have minimal experience in to this discipline with confidence. Graduates of this degree have gone on to the following roles, across a number of leading industries.

Industry Links

20|20 has been involved in the development and delivery of course material and training of students for a decade. “Candidates undertaking the degree are balancing their careers and making considerable steps toward increasing their skills – it is a significant time investment. Balancing risk versus reward is the fundamental point and throughout the duration of the MSc they will learn all the key points to be able to run projects and add real value to their business."

Hear from Business

  • 2020


    20|20 has been involved in the development and delivery of course material and training of students for more than a decade.


This Degree is Accredited by

Our Experts

Programme Coordinator
Mr John Cavanagh

You will be taught by a range of experts including professors, lecturers, teaching fellows and postgraduate tutors. Staff changes will occur from time to time; please see our InfoHub pages for further information.

What our Alumni Say

  • Jasmine Gault, Project Manager – MARS Injection Systems & Retrievable Process Modules. at

    Jasmine Gault

    Job Details
    Project Manager – MARS Injection Systems & Retrievable Process Modules.
    The MSc Project Management course is hard work but immensely rewarding. You will make the time required to complete it.
  • Craig Gowdy, Project Manager at

    Craig Gowdy

    Job Details
    Project Manager
    I enjoyed the structure of the individual modules and the course in general. The tutors were excellent and easy to talk to on a professional level rather than a normal student/ teacher relationship.
  • Mark Gault, Project Manager at

    Mark Gault

    Job Details
    Project Manager
    The initial attraction to the university was the long standing reputation for providing a good quality of education, and some good feedback I had received from a friend who was already enrolled in the course.
  • Robert Peterson, Turnaround Manager at

    Robert Peterson

    Job Details
    Turnaround Manager
    Industry experience is very valuable but at some point this needs to be underpinned with a formal academic qualification. The knowledge and skills I have gained during the course have made me a much better Team Leader.


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