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Demystify the complex and conflicting messages we hear about diet, health and lifestyle today, with our free online Nutrition and Wellbeing course.

In this four week course we look at a different theme every week using activities such as a videos, articles, discussion and quizzes.

We also make use of real life case studies from organisations such as Waitrose to support the learning experience.

More about the course:

The four themes we explore are:

  • The makings of a ‘healthy diet’: What are the principal constituents of food? Which components of your diet can promote wellbeing and reduce the risk of diseases?
  • Why do we eat what we eat?: What are the ‘drivers’ that influence our food choices? How do we make sense of available nutrition information?
  • Food and disease: Can you really eat your way to health?
  • Nutrition fads, myths and the plain truth: Is there such a thing as a ‘miracle’ diet, do ‘superfoods’ exist, or are our genes to be blamed for our current nutritional habits?

Can you eat your way to health?

After completing this course you will be able to better understand the scientific basis of human nutrition, and current nutrition concepts and controversies. You will gain the skills to evaluate nutrition information from varied sources, and apply that knowledge to make informed choices about your own lifestyle, diet and wellbeing.  You will also draw on your own experiences, and share hints and tips with other learners through course discussions.

Learn with world leading nutritional experts

You will have the opportunity to learn with world renowned experts from both the Rowett Institute and the School of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition. These globally recognised centres for academic excellence play a major role in the UK research capability in the areas of nutrition, wellbeing and human health.

Meet the co-lead academics for the course

Would you like to learn more about nutrition and wellbeing?

The University of Aberdeen has a strong and esteemed history in the areas of nutrition, health and lifestyle approaches.

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