Our online ILM Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management has been specifically designed to support practicing and potential middle managers in developing their skills and experience, improving their performance and preparing for further career opportunities.

Here at Aberdeen, we understand that those in middle management roles face a diverse range of challenges on a day-to-day basis and have built an internationally-recognised qualification which focusses on developing the key skills you need to advance your career.

Completing this course has a range of benefits for both you and your organisation. The course is designed to:

  • equip you with the leadership skills required to drive better results from your teams
  • encourage strategic thinking to foster business improvement
  • provide clear, measurable benefits to career-minded professionals
  • help you improve your organisation’s performance

The course is broken down into three distinct units described below and will launch in Summer 2018. Please register your interest and we will be in touch when we are open for registration. If you have any questions, please send us an email.

Becoming an Effective Leader

Our fist unit, Becoming and Effective Leader, will concentrate on supporting you to develop and enhance your ability to lead, motivate and inspire.

You will explore the role of the middle manager, leadership theory, key managerial skills including motivation and delegation, and the importance of emotional intelligence.

You will be supported in your learning through a number of interactive activities and reflective exercises, giving you the knowledge needed to critically evaluate your own managerial ability and identify development actions to prepare for senior management responsibilities.

Managing Individual Development

Our second unit, Managing Individual Development, will give you the skills you need to effectively manage the performance and development of your team.

Performance management isn’t always easy, and this unit will support you in understanding and implementing the key components necessary to ensure that your team are as effective as possible. We will support you in exploring your learning style and the learning styles of others and how you can use this knowledge to tailor effective training and development opportunities.

You will be given models to guide the constructive feedback process, information on performance gap analysis and explore the interpersonal communications skills needed to underpin this process. As part of your assessment you will be asked to carry out a performance review with a member of your team.

Understanding Management, Coaching and Mentoring

Our final unit will cover one of the keys to leadership success: skills in coaching and mentoring.

This unit will enable you to understand the role and contribution of coaching and mentoring to both individuals and your organisation and make a case for using these skills in your management role.

You will be given the theory and models which underpin these areas, as well as opportunity to practice these skills and materials to support you in utilising these moving forward.

This programme is designed to provide clear, measurable benefits to career-minded professionals.

As this course is based online, you will be expected to manage your own learning pace. To guide you with this we have broken each unit down into a 4 week structure.

You should be willing to invest approximately 5 - 7 hours per week to complete the course within 3 months. You will complete a range of assessments to cover the learning requirements outlined by the Institute of Leadership and Management, and you will be provided with one-to-one feedback on each assignment you complete.

Throughout the course there will be opportunities for you to interact with other delegates, as well as access specialised support should you need it. We look forward to working with you.

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