Fees are detailed on the relevant page of our prospectus. Fees are quoted per 15 credits. The number of credits in each course is indicated in the course description. Indicative costs for each programme are given.

Fees are subject to revision each year.

Payment Options

Pay as you study

When you study with us online, you pay for each course before you start studying it. That way, you can spread the cost of your programme over its duration for each year of study in two instalments, payable by September and January each year.

Pay per Year

You can opt to pay for an entire year of study at the start of your programme.

Funding your studies

Depending on your circumstances, there may be financial assistance including loans available to you. See our Finance and Funding pages for assistance. You will need to check that your potential funding assistance will support online learning.

If you are an alumni of the University, you may apply for a 20% discount on your course fees.

Making a payment

We have an online payment service called ePayments for fee payments for new online students. When you accept your place, we will issue you with your student ID number and you can log in to this system using your ID number and date of birth to make your payment.

Refund policy

If you change your mind about studying with us before your course starts or are unable to start for any reason, you will get a full refund of any fees paid, less any discounts applied. If you have already started your programme, you will be refunded the fees for any courses paid for but that have not yet started.