Mindful Leadership: the role of mindfulness in business success

20 March 2019 - 8:00-9:30am, Craig Suite, Sir Duncan Rice Library

Dr Graeme Nixon

Mindfulness is everywhere! Schools, hospitals, sports coaches, artists and businesses are investigating secular (non-religious) mindfulness. Some bold claims have been made for this form of secular meditation such as that it can improve mental health, attention, relationships, leadership, creativity and compassion.  

Leading by Tweeting: values-based leadership

27 March – 8:00-9:30am, Craig Suite, Sir Duncan Rice Library

Neil McLennan

What is the purpose and impact of organisational values? And how do personal values and organisational values interact. Neil McLennan will lead a workshop looking at values within organisations before linking this to a recent popular blog post on the Business School website in which he asked:- “What is the role of a leader on Twitter?”  

Winter Programme Recap: Long Term Liability in Decommissioning

21 November 2018 - Long Term Liability in Decommissioning

Professor John Paterson and Dr Richard Neilson

The University of Aberdeen has set up the world’s first and only Masters in Decommissioning. Long term liability in decommissioning was discussed in this seminar as well as the University’s ground-breaking collaboration with the OGTC in launching the new Decommissioning Centre for Excellence.

A recording of this session is available to view on YouTube.

Winter Programme Recap: Resolving Disputes out of Court

2 November 2018 - Resolving Disputes Out of Court

Derek Auchie, School of Law

Negotiation, mediation and arbitration can lead to rapid and cost-effect resolution of even the most entrenched disputes. In this seminar, these processes and techniques were discussed and practical examples were given.

Winter Programme Recap: Human Factors in the Workplace

24 October 2018 - Human Factors in the Workplace

Dr Amy Irwin, School of Psychology

In this one hour workshop attendees were introduced to a range of tools that can be applied to increase safety in workplaces.

A recording of the first part of the workshop is available to view on YouTube.