In April 2013, the University of Aberdeen signed a contract with CONACYT, the Mexican Council for Science & Technology, further cementing links between the institution and Mexico.

The University of Aberdeen is among 25 Higher Education Institutions in the UK who can receive fully funded students for postgraduate taught and research programmes. Information on postgraduate study options at the University of Aberdeen can be accessed at

Details of the agreement are available on CONACYT's website.

For more information on all active calls that CONACYT has with the Mexican states please check the website. For information on specific deadlines, you need to open the .pdf file with the call guidelines.

The University already has existing partnerships with PEMEX, the Mexican Petroleum Institute and the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), which aim to support professional and technical developments in the deep waters of the Mexican sector, Gulf of Mexico. 

The agreement also reflects the role CONACYT has in managing research funding on behalf of PEMEX and the Ministry of Energy (SENER).

CONACYT Application Process

Please note: students applying for CONACYt funding should be aware that CONACYT may require a bespoke offer letter from the University, which can be arranged by contacting Sandra Silva at the University of Aberdeen. 

  1. Research your preferred programme at
  2. Check the Entry Requirements and English Language Requirements
  3. Apply for admission to the University
  4. Receive your Offer Letter from the University
  5. Apply for ATAS approval (if applicable)*
  6. Apply to CONACYT for funding with your Offer Letter
  7. Receive funding letter from CONACYT
  8. Submit funding letter to the University of Aberdeen
  9. Receive your CAS from the University of Aberdeen
  10. Apply for Study Visa
  11. Arrive in Aberdeen :)

*Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS): Students admitted to study certain programmes in sensitive subjects may be required to apply for an ATAS certificate. Please refer to your offer letter from the University to see if you need an ATAS certificate. Students who are required to apply for ATAS clearance must do for before they can apply for their visa. ATAS applications are made online directly to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office at

The processing time for ATAS is 4 weeks on average (20 working days). You can apply for an ATAS certificate up to 6 months in advance of the beginning of your course, so you should apply as soon as you receive your offer of admission.