Nurkenay Bulekbayeva - BEng Petroleum Engineering

Programme: BEng Petroleum Engineering
Year of Graduation: 2013
Other Degrees (if applicable): Currently pursuing Distance-Learning MSc Petroleum Engineering at Texas A&M University

What attracted you to the University of Aberdeen?
Aberdeen is the oil & gas hub for Western Europe and so it was an obvious choice for a Petroleum Engineering School. It’s the top University in UK that delivers undergraduate programs in PE with teaching staff directly related to the industry which leads to very practical rather than theoretical teaching methods.

What did you enjoy about your time at Aberdeen?
Kindness & hospitality of Scottish people, Ceilidhs for Engineering Balls and internships in the oil companies there.

How did your degree help you in your chosen career?
My degree has given me all the necessary skills & competencies for the Production Technologist role with Shell. Having sound foundation in all the four areas of Petroleum Engineering Discipline have made it easy to jump start in an operating asset.

What you have been doing since you left University?
I have left UK after graduation and have worked for Royal Dutch Shell’s projects in Kazakhstan, Netherlands and Brunei Darussalam.

What is your current position?
WRFM Production Technologist in Brunei Shell Petroleum (WRFM stands for Wells, Reservoir, Facilities Management). My main job task is to optimize production coming from the oil wells falling under my responsibility through use of latest technology & in a safe & responsible manner.

Company/organisation name and brief description:
Shell, a major international O&G company with presence in more than 90 countries.

Why you would recommend the University of Aberdeen to others?
It’s best to learn from people who have worked in the energy industry and have actually applied all the methods & technology that is being delivered in the Petroleum Engineering program – Aberdeen is in the perfect location for just that. Aberdeen also provides great opportunities for applying the learnt knowledge in internships & summer placements in the numerous companies in town.

Best bit of career advice you have been given?
Never stop learning and keep on challenging existing work processes/mentality in your workplace. Be authentic & never be afraid of speaking up if you think something is not going right – no matter at what point in your career – when you’re a graduate or a senior contributor.

What advice would you give to prospective or current students?
Studying & passing exams is only one piece in the puzzle. However seeking opportunities to apply learnt knowledge in industry is the key to a successful career!