The Autumn Pre-Sessional course prepares you for January and September programmes 2021. The University of Aberdeen will follow government guidelines as to ‘when’ and ‘how’ face to face teaching may resume. When these guidelines become clearer we may be in a position offer the second half of the course delivered from the university campus. However, for those applicants that do not wish to travel or prefer to study in the comfort of their own home there is always the online option outlined below.

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Summer PSE courses

Our online courses cover similar course content as our face to face courses. We have also worked hard to build in many of the interactive features that you would expect from traditional pre-sessional courses. Even though you are unable to physically be in Aberdeen, we are a keen that you learn more about Aberdeen, its university and what to expect once you have arrived.

Aberdeen Loyalty Discounts

We really appreciate your loyalty to the University of Aberdeen during these difficult times. Therefore, on successful completion of the course, 25% of the PSE course fees will be taken off your degree programme fees.

This equates to:

  • 10 week PSE - £875 Rebate 
  • 5 week PSE - £450 Rebate

Helping you once your studies have started 

We know that you may need additional support with your studies.

  • All PSE students will be eligible for a free 24 hour language course between February and March.
  • In addition there will be a range of free insessional classes & one to one sessions.


Which Language certificates can I use to apply for this course?

Online courses

UKVI & non-UKVI IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, Duolingo. If you have another type of language certificate, please contact the Language Centre. 

10-week Pre Sessional English

Overall 5.5 72+ 51 95+
Listening 5.0 15+ 51
Reading 5.5 18+ 51
Writing 5.5 19+ 51
Speaking 5.0 19+ 51


5-week Pre Sessional English

Overall 6.0 78+ 54 100+
Listening 5.5 17+ 51
Reading 5.5 18+ 51
Writing 5.5 19+ 51
Speaking 5.5 20+ 51
What will I learn on the course?

Developing your academic writing & style

  • Organising your ideas
  • Showing connections between ideas
  • Using nouns & academic vocabulary
  • Thinking critically & using evidence to support your ideas

Developing your academic skills: 

  • Using source materials in your writing
  • Putting things in your own words
  • Referencing accurately

Collaboration & teamwork

  • Making your thinking clear to others
  • Developing active listening skills
  • Thinking critically & using evidence to carry out tasks

Reading & Listening 

  • Making your reading & listening more efficient 
  • Identifying relevant information quickly 
How will I learn?

The course consists of 25 hours of guided tasks, seminar activities, tutorials, collaborative activities and reflective writings.

  • Weekly tutorials in which you can discuss your progress and get individualized feedback on your work
  • Daily collaborative sessions which will be guided by your tutor
  • Daily seminars in which you work together with your teacher and other students 
  • A tutor will be on hand everyday to give you additional individualized support
What does a typical week look like?
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9am to 10am Seminar (Live) Seminar (Live) Seminar (Live) Seminar (Live) Seminar (Live)
10.15am to 11.15am Collaborative session (Live) Collaborative session (Live) Collaborative session (Live) Collaborative session (Live)  
11.15am to 12.15pm Tutor support Tutor support Tutor support Tutor support Tutor support
Afternoons Guided online activities & collaborative tasks Guided online activities & collaborative tasks Guided online activities & collaborative tasks Guided online activities & collaborative tasks Guided online activities & collaborative tasks


How will I be assessed?
  • 55% continuous writing assessment tasks
  • 25% interaction & presentation skills
  • 20% Engagement & participation
If I successfully complete the online PSE course can I apply for a Student Visa?

Yes, the university will remove your language condition attached to your offer, if you successfully complete the course. If you have no other outstanding conditions a CAS will be issued for your Student Visa application.

What happens if I have already applied for the pre-session?

Don’t worry we will transfer your application to the online course. Unlike the face to face version, we ask that you pay the full fees prior to the start of the course.

How can I apply for the course?

Application Procedure

  1. Please complete the application form.
  2. Submit the form to along with a copy of your language and certificate, passport and proof of payment. In order for us to process the payment we must receive the full course fees. 

Applications for the 10 week programme will close on Sunday 20 September 2020.

Applications for the 5 week programme will close on Sunday 25 October 2020.

Please note that you will not be able to change your course, withdraw from the course or receive a refund after those dates.

We accept non-UKVI IELTS and comparable certificates for the fully online course (please see our website for more details). There may be an option for some of the course to be taught in Aberdeen. Please note that, if you might wish to attend part of the course in Aberdeen, you must hold UKVI IELTS certificate or another SELT.

Payment Methods

  1. You can pay by credit card, debit card or Paypal via the online store.
  2. Bank transfer details can be found on the application form.
What are the dates and fees for the course?
  Dates Fees
10 week course Monday 12 October to Friday 18 December £3,500
5 week course Monday 16 November to Friday 18 December £1,800


What should I do if I am a sponsored student?

We require a sponsorship letter which specifies that it is for the University of Aberdeen online pre-sessional course prior to the start of the course.