The Academic English Preparation Programme is for international students who are planning to study at the University of Aberdeen, but whose English language skills are significantly lower than the minimum required for direct entry.

The Academic English Preparation Programme lasts up to a full academic year (40 weeks of study), with different entry points depending on the level of English that students have.

This programme consists of four levels, each lasting 10 weeks, offering students the opportunity to develop the language and skills necessary for academic study in the United Kingdom. Successful completion of level 4 is accepted by the University of Aberdeen as proof of having met the University’s language conditions.

Entry Requirements

The length of the course that you will be required to take is determined by your current level of English.

Students requiring a Tier 4 visa should note that only the IELTS Academic for UKVI test, taken at one of the UKVI approved centres, will be accepted with applications.

EU students who have taken a different English language test should contact the The Language Centre for advice. 

Minimum IELTS Entry Requirements

Course Length Overall Listening Reading Writing  Speaking
40 weeks 4.5 4.0 4.0 4.5 4.0
30 weeks  5.0 4.5 4.5 4.5 4.5
20 weeks  5.5 5.0 5.0 5.0 5.0


Other test

If you are an EU student with a TOEFL or PTE test result, please email The Language Centre a copy of your test result so they can advise you on the most suitable course.


Dates and Fees for Academic Year 2018 - 2019

  Start Date End Date Fees in full Fees per term 
40 weeks 8 October 2018 23 August 2019 £10,800 £3,000 x 4
30 weeks 8 October 2018 31 May 2019 £8,400 £3,000 x 3
30 weeks 7 January 2019 23 August 2019 £8,400 £3,000 x 3
20 weeks 7 January 2019 31 May 2019 £5,800 £3,000 x 2
20 weeks 25 March 2019 23 August 2019 £5,800 £3,000 x 2


Application form

Last Date for Applications

Applications submitted along with all the required supporting documents will be accepted up to 4 weeks before the start date of your course. Due to time constraints at the 4 week mark, we are unable to process last minute applications from International students already studying in the UK.

Documents to be Submitted

  1. Application form completed in full
  2. Proof of payment of deposit / sponsorship letter
  3.  (a) A copy of your IELTS Academic for UKVI if finishing in August OR (b) A copy of your IELTS Academic for UKVI or non-UKVI certificate if finishing in May
  4. A copy of your degree offer letter from University of Aberdeen, if you have one
  5. A photocopy of your passport (photo page and any visa pages for the UK)
  6. Information and documentation (including offer letters) relating to all courses that you have studied in the UK.

Payment Methods

  1. You can pay by credit card, debit card or Paypal via our online store 
  2. Bank transfer details can be found on the application form

Terms and Conditions

  1. The deposit is non refundable so please do not pay the deposit until you are sure that you are eligible for the course. If you are in any doubt please email and attach a copy of your offer letter and your language certificate.
  2. We will provide one CAS number per student, so if you intend to take your IELTS test again, wait until you get the result before you apply. CAS numbers are not transferrable. Individual cases will be considered if there are exceptional circumstances. An administration charge of £100 will made in all other cases where a second CAS is requested. 
  3. If you choose not to attend all of the course, remaining fees will not be refunded. If you are on a Tier 4 visa you will be reported to the UKVI
  4. The Language Centre will not be held liable for any misunderstanding of its terms and conditions even if the applicant used the services of an agent
  5. Our courses have a limited number of places. Your place is only secure once you have received an offer letter from the Language Centre
  6. The Language Centre reserves the right not to run courses should there be insufficient participants

Application Procedure

  1. Complete the application form and return it along with the required documents to
  2. Failure to provide all the information required may delay your application
  3. Please ensure that you read the declaration on the application form and then tick it
  4. Once all the required information has been received, it can take up to two weeks to process your application at peak times. So please be patient.
  5. Tier 4 offer letters are sent by email
  6. Short term study visa offer letters are sent by DHL
  7. Student ID numbers are sent by email after you have received your offer letter. At peak times there may be a delay of about 2 weeks. You will need your ID number to book university accommodation
  8. Details on how to apply for accommodation will be sent to you with your student ID number

Further contacts

Visa Applications

Tier 4 Visas

You will only be eligible for a Tier 4 visa if you have a B1 level of English in all four skills. This equates to 4.0 in them all (our minimum entry requirements are slightly higher). The UKVI will only accept the IELTS Academic for a UKVI test taken at an approved test centre for students wishing to take an English language course on a Tier 4 visa.

If you only have the standard IELTS certificate you can still apply for a short-term study visa to study English in the UK. In this instance, please note that you will not be able to study until 23 August 2019 and then start your degree on 2 September as this does not permit time to get a new visa. You would have to finish your course by 31 May and then return home to apply for a new visa for your degree studies.

Please note:

  1. It is your responsibility to check visa requirements and to be aware that regulations may change.
  2. Visa applications can take time so please allow plenty of time to make your application.
  3. Please give us all the information that is requested as soon as possible so that we can process your application quickly.
  4. Please tell us of any changes to information submitted, for example, if you have received a new passport. Once a CAS number has been issued any details of new passports will be added to the UKVI website - a new CAS number will not be provided but an amended offer letter will be given.
  5. Please tell us if you make any further fee payments so that we can give you an updated offer letter and amend your UKVI entry where applicable.

I have had a Tier 4 visa before, does this affect my application?
If you have already studied English in the UK on a Tier 4 visa then we would like to see that our Pre-sessional course represents academic progression from your previous course. You will need to show us the following documents to enable us to make a decision:

  • a copy of your previous visa
  • a copy of your previous offer letter with CAS number
  • a copy of your latest course report or final certificate

Please note that extra time is required to process an application of this nature so our application deadline is six weeks before the course start date in this instance.

I am currently studying in the UK and would like to transfer to your Pre-sessional English Course. What do I do?

Please submit an application for your chosen course and include all the supporting documents including those relating to your current course in the UK. Please note that we will not permit you to study with us on a visa provided by another sponsor.

It is your responsibility to check visa requirements and apply for a visa. Any information we provide is for guidance only.

It is important to check all immigration requirements regularly and before travelling, as they can change. Students without the necessary visa will be refused entry to the UK. You should allow plenty of time to organise your visa and ensure you are aware of all your responsibilities under the terms and conditions of your visa. Please note that the advice given here relates primarily to the Tier 4, General Student category of the UK's Points Based Immigration Scheme. For further information, please visit the United Kingdom Visas and Immigration (UKVI) website.

Useful resources


  • We have 35 years experience of delivering language training.
  • Our EAP tutors each have on average over 25 years teaching experience.
  • 100% of our EAP tutors are educated to masters or diploma standard.
  • 100% of our EAP tutors have international experience.
  • We specialise in Academic English and have a high success rate in preparing students for academic study.
  • Study in an academic environment and have access to the university’s resources and facilities.
  • You will not be required to sit IELTS or PTE if you successfully complete one of our full time Academic English programmes.