Experience Aberdeen is a fully funded four day summer programme for those considering studying in Scotland, and runs from Monday 23rd to Thursday 26th July 2018. It offers you the opportunity to experience university life before applying and involves lectures, seminars and practical classes, as well as sight-seeing and social activities.

The academic sessions will be relevant to your subject areas. Subject areas covered during Experience Aberdeen 2018 are:

Update 18 April 2018: Please note the study streams below are now full and all future applicants will be waitlisted (where available).

ELIGIBILITY: Experience Aberdeen is only open to students who are beginning their AS level of study (or equivalent), who would be classified as Home Fees* (Rest of UK) or International Fees* (e.g. living in England, Wales, Northern Ireland or internationally), and are aiming to begin university in September 2019. EU residents/ Nationals are currently eligible for Scottish Government tuition funding and are therefore not eligible for Experience Aberdeen. 

* This is based on the current Fee Regulations as set by the Scottish Government and is subject to amendment.

All participants will be awarded a £100 travel bursary to put towards their travel expenses.


(The deadline for applications is Friday 29th June 2018. This deadline may be brought forward if the programme reaches capacity before the aforementioned date.)