Your Personal Tutor will be a facilitator, providing a point of contact should you wish to speak to someone about anything at all, They will signpost personal support services and academic skills support across the University, as necessary. Within this structure, the Personal Tutor will explore some specific issues with you, and these are explored below.

  • Your Personal Tutor will provide opportunities for you to reflect on how your learning can help you to pursue your future development
  • provide a reference for a future employer or for postgraduate study
  • Your Personal Tutor will provide help to you in reviewing your feedback log and identifying general areas for development
  • Your Personal Tutor will help you to make the most of the opportunities available at the University to enable you to support your personal development and employability
  • Your Personal Tutor will help you to manage your evaluation and achievement of the Graduate Attributes
  • Your Personal Tutor will contact you to offer support if your engagement with your studies or other factors suggest that you may be in difficulty
  • Your Personal Tutor will provide, through Group Meetings, an opportunity to form part of a wider community within the University