Pride month promotes equality, increased visibility and celebration of the LGBTQI+ community while taking a stand against prejudice and discrimination and raising awareness of its continued existence. We want to show that even though we can't be together at this time, we can still celebrate and support each other. Together we can work towards a better future for everyone.

The Student Experience Team are creating a video to celebrate Pride month. This video will be of University students, staff and alumni passing the rainbow to each other as a symbol of unity. Whether you have a pride flag already at hand in your house, or you get creative making your own rainbow (drawing a rainbow, a rainbow scarf, baking a rainbow cake),  whether you are a part of the queer community or an ally, you can get involved. The video will show you taking the flag from the camera then passing it on. An example video has been provided for you. Remember you can be as creative as you want!

To take part you need to:

  • Make sure you are videoing landscape
  • Have a Pride flag: Premade or created (remember to be as inventive as you want!)
  • You take the flag from the camera so that it looks like you are taking it from someone
  • Dance, jump, celebrate in whatever way you want
  • Then pass the rainbow back to the camera so it looks like you’re giving it to someone else.
  • Then you fill in the form and upload your video. Don’t worry if you can’t edit it – we can do this when we stitch them all together!
  • Remember if you want to take part you need to submit your video by 28th May 2020

Example Video: