What is the Personal Tutor system?

The University of Aberdeen is committed to the delivery of a high quality student experience, providing support to the diverse student body and also to improve the University’s retention and progression rates. 

The Personal Tutor role will focus on providing general support to students in matters such as achievement of the Graduate Attributes, Employability, Co-curricular opportunities and feedback as well as a pastoral support role. All members of academic staff have a role as a personal tutor and will be assigned a number of undergraduate tutees. It is intended that, as far as possible, tutees will be assigned to the same personal tutor throughout their studies and that this continuity of contact will enable a more meaningful and supportive Tutor/Tutee relationship to be built.

The framework is designed to bring about more consistent quality of provision, while also helping students to monitor their progress and performance more systematically and relate these to their longer-term aspirations.

What do I need to do as a Personal Tutee?

The main role of the tutee is to attend and participate in meetings set up between you and your Personal Tutor.

You may be asked by your Personal Tutor to help in the organising of these meetings using useful tools such as Doodle.com.

I'm a new student, when and how will I find out who my Personal Tutor is and when will I meet them?
Personal Tutors for new and returning students will be allocated over the course of the summer. Students will receive communication via their student email account in due course about their PT and their meeting.  You can also find details of who your Personal Tutor is and their contact details via your Student Hub.
How often will I meet my Personal Tutor?

You will have scheduled meetings with your Personal Tutor throughout the year.

You or your Personal Tutor may also request additional meetings

Will I keep the same Personal Tutor for my whole degree programme?

It is intended that where possible students keep the same Personal Tutor for their entire degree programme. You will be informed of any changes.

If you change your degree programme to another School your Personal Tutor will change to someone from the new School.

New students in their first year, will automatically be reassigned to a PT who matches their degree/school.  Returning students can request a new PT on request by emailing infohub@abdn.ac.uk.

Am I able to change the Personal Tutor allocated to me?
While we expect Tutors and Students to put effort into building a constructive relationship, if you feel this relationship is not working, you should contact the Senior Personal Tutor in your School to discuss what might be done to resolve the situation (see the Senior Personal Tutor tab here). Alternatively, you can request a change of tutor by emailing infohub@abdn.ac.uk.
I have some questions and I don't want to disturb my Personal Tutor who always looks so busy; What should I do?

Your Personal Tutor is there to provide you with support and will be happy for you to get in touch.  However, if your questions relate to a specific course, then you should ask the course co-ordinator in the first instance.  You can contact your Personal Tutor directly during his or her office hours, or send an e-mail.

Infohub may also be able to help or direct you to someone else who can.

I have not heard from my Personal Tutor and it is now some way into term. What should I do?
If you have not heard from your Personal Tutor within the first few weeks of term, you should email the Senior Personal Tutor (see the Senior Personal Tutor tab here) or Infohub@abdn.ac.uk or pop into the Infohub and speak to one of the Helpdesk Co-ordinators who will be able to follow this up for you.  They will also be able to point you in the direction of any other University services you may need.  There may be a number of reasons for not having heard from your assigned tutor, or it may be an administrative error which will need addressing.
I'm studying abroad for a year. Will I have a Personal Tutor while I'm away?
Yes, you keep your Personal Tutor while you are away and are free to contact them to discuss any issues or problems.  If there are academic-related issues or problems, then consult the Study Abroad or Erasmus team in the first instance.

I'm on an industrial placement as part of my course. Will I have a Personal Tutor while I'm away?

Yes, you keep your Personal Tutor while you are away from the University and are free to contact them to discuss any issues or problems.  If these are academic-related issues or problems, then you may wish to contact your course coordinator in the first instance.
Where else can I find answers to questions I have?
You can use this Student Help Guide or contact infohub@abdn.ac.uk
Where can I find IT support?
You can contact the IT helpdesk at servicedesk@abdn.ac.uk or take a look at these Help Guides which should address many of the technical issues you may have and assist with using software packages. 
Can I request a Gaelic-speaking Personal Tutor?
If, as a Gaelic-speaking student, you wish to have a Gaelic-speaking personal tutor, that request should be sent to infohub@abdn.ac.uk for consideration.  Priority will be given firstly to students in Gaelic Studies or Gaelic Initial Teacher Training programmes.
I need to be excused from Jury Duty as it clashes with coursework/exams - what should I do?
Email your personal tutor to request a letter to be excused from Jury Duty. They may email it to you or they may request that you meet them in person.
What support is available regarding late registration and course changes?
Further details in regards to changing courses can be found here.