Sustainability is a major part of our planning in Campus Services. As one of the largest departments in the University, we have changed the way we do things in our Halls of Residence, in our Cafes, Restaurants and our shops.

Our approach and commitment to carbon management is key to our service provision for students, staff, visitors and external organisations on a daily basis.


On an annual basis, Campus Services accommodates over 3000 new students in our Halls of Residence, who continue to make their carbon footprint distinctive in today’s shrinking world, is a real challenge.

A small change to their everyday behaviour would contribute significantly to a greener Scotland and we are focused on getting that message across to them.


Our new ‘Vending’ contract has requested the requirement to reduce emissions through reduced running costs, more efficient insulation, reduced materials used in construction, lighter machines using less fuel to transport and improved reliability requiring less site maintenance visits.

Additionally, in Campus Services we have reduced the number of deliveries by consolidating the number of suppliers; for example, we are about to introduce an initiative where by our daily dairy supplier who currently delivers in their own vehicle, will have their milk and produce delivered to us via our Fruit & Veg supplier. This one example alone reduces the number of vehicle movements to our sites by over 3,750 a year!

Healthy Living Award

Campus Services are extremely proud to say that we have achieved the Healthy Living accolade within the Student's Union Building and are striving to achieve this within our other sites around Campus.

We are committed to making the food we serve to you healthier.

Campus Services - achievements to date
  • Carrier bags in the University shops
  • Switched to energy saving light bulbs
  • Recycling bags in students flats
  • Online induction (a paperless system)
  • Replacement of paper towels with hand dryer
  • Current recycling and biodegradable products on campus such as the Tiki cups etc
  • The compactors at Hillhead
  • BYOB – Environmental reusable cotton carriers for all students and staff