Student Media Groups - How to get involved?

Student Media Groups - How to get involved?

The Aberdeen University Student Association has media groups run by students: newspaper, radio and even television! Currently, I run social media for the Gaudie (student newspaper) and we receive a lot of messages about how could students get involved with us. Therefore, I thought that this blog would be very helpful for many people.

1. The Gaudie – student newspaper

The Gaudie is the longest running media outlet on our campus with its establishment in 1934. It is printed out every couple of weeks on Wednesday during term time. This newspaper covers a lot of different sections so everyone can find something interesting for them. Also, this year there will be many workshops and also some quiz nights coming your way!

So how can you get involved? If you are interested in writing for the Gaudie, each section has their email address published on the website. You can also contact the editors via the different Facebook pages and groups that they have and it is also a good place to find out what kind of articles they are looking for publishing that edition. However, if you miss the deadline for the upcoming edition, you can always have your article published on the website. Sometimes, there are also available positions for the production team. These positions are usually advertised on the website and the social media of the Gaudie such as Facebook and Twitter.

If you don’t want to write but still want to find out more about journalism or design, then come along to one of the workshops. The events will be published on the Gaudie Facebook Page – it is also a good place to contact us if you have any questions.

2. Aberdeen Student Radio (ASR) – student radio

Aberdeen Student Radio broadcasts everyday between 10 am till 10 pm. The students have the possibility to start their own radio show and be live on air to present their ideas and favourite music. ASR also organises a lot of events – record store days but also events where you can come along and dance to the music presented by the DJs.

Currently, there are many ways on how to get involved; from starting your own radio show, to helping with the ASR News section as well as the Technical part of the radio. To find out more, check out the ASR website.

3. Granite City TV (GCTV) – student TV

Granite City TV was established in 2014. They present different musicians, societies, sports‘ teams and more.

They have meetings every Monday at 6pm in the Student Union Building (room 002) during term time. During the meetings they hold different workshops on filming and editing topics and also have talks from industry professionals. It is also a good place to come along if you want to be involved as they discuss upcoming shoots and deadlines and you can come and pitch any idea you have!

If you would like to come along and find out more information you can drop in anytime in their office in the Student Union Building or contact them via their Facebook page  or group

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