Courses currently not including an on campus experience

Course Delivery

In the current pandemic situation, the University has adopted a blended learning approach.  This is a combination of face-to-face on campus teaching and learning, where safe and possible, and online delivery.  All courses will be supported fully regardless of the mode of delivery. 

The majority of courses will include an on campus experience although if you are not able to make it to campus you will be able to study the course fully online.

There are, however, a small number of courses which don’t include such an on campus experience.  In the cases, the course will include innovative and engaging approaches to learning and you will be supported throughout and will be able to engage with your peers through synchronous online sessions and discussion boards.  A list of courses being delivered fully online is available below.

Choosing your classes

Having completed MyCurriculum and made your course choices, the next step will be choosing your classes through MyTimetable.  This will open from 14 September so you may need to wait a little to get confirmation of your timetable – please bear with us.  Once MyTimetable is open you will be able to select your synchronous teaching activities, both on campus and online.  Synchronous means these are activities which take place at a specific scheduled time.  In addition to these synchronous activities, your course will also involve many other activities which are delivered asynchronously (i.e. not at specific times).  Your course coordinator will provide more information about these at the start of teaching and in the course area within MyAberdeen. 

You are able to make changes to the courses and classes you have chosen until the end of the second week of teaching.  Simply log back on to MyCurriculum to change your courses.

Course list available from here.