Core GIS Skills for Archaeological Research: essential map making and introduction to analysis tools (PGR)

This is a past event

Participants will be set advanced preparatory tasks of downloading the open source software QGIS, and preparing a dataset.

The first day of the event will begin with an online session introducing QGIS, georeferenced datasets and essential map-making skills. The session will include discussion about data referencing and map design. Participants will be set a task to work on in the afternoon, to create a distribution or location map using their own dataset.  

The second day of the event will introduce QGIS analysis tools. The session will cover aspects of digital analysis theory, best practice and guidance for exploring additional analysis capabilities of the software. In the afternoon participants will be set an analysis task to complete using a shared dataset. 


  • Dr Rebecca Rennell, UHI Archaeology Institute Lews Castle College UHI
  • Professor Jane Downes, UHI Archaeology Institute 

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Registration deadline: 18 May 2022 


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