NAFCo Workshop 1: 'Memory, Music and Movement'

NAFCo Workshop 1: 'Memory, Music and Movement'

This is a past event

NAFCo Workshop 1 focuses on cognitive psychology (how music and dance are related to memory)

Thursday 9 June 2016

1.00 pm - Registration – Elphinstone Institute, MacRobert Building, King’s College

2.00 pm - Session 1: Keynote (Chair – Ian Russell) David Rubin will give a presentation based on his research into oral traditions as a cognitive psychologist. The aim is to see if we can draw anything from cognitive psychology in understanding fiddle music and dance.

3.15 pm - Break

3.45 pm - Session 2: 'In the Hot Seat' (Chair – Heather Sparling) Byron Dueck, Jo Miller, and Colin Quigley will work with David Rubin; each will have a half-hour contribution, 20 minutes presentation, followed by 10 minutes from David. David will reflect on the presentation, trying to provide insights from cognitive psychology that might help take the research further.

8.00 pm - Session 3: 'Ceilidh' – Paul Anderson and Friends will present fiddle music from North-East Scotland at the Blue Lamp pub (open to general public).


Friday 10 June 2016

9.30 am - Session 4: 'Last Night’s Fun' (Chair – Ian Russell) BD, CQ & JM will pose some prepared questions on themes agreed with David Rubin. Groups of eight will rotate – and conclude with a summary from the group leaders.

11.00 am - Break

11.30 am - Session 5: 'The Breakdown' (Chairs – HS, IR, DR) This is an opportunity for everyone who has come (twenty-four people) to make a short presentation within a group of eight. Each participant will have five minutes to present his/her own experience of music and memory to the group. Group chairs will reflect on it and pool ideas at the end.

1.00 pm - Lunch break 

2.00 pm - Session 6: 'Chain Reaction' (Chair – IR)The practitioners involved in the workshop will get a chance to perform and reflect. Everyone who plays an instrument, dances, sings, listens can interact and react. 

3.30 pm - Session 7: 'The Way Ahead' (IR & HS co-chair) with afternoon tea and scones – four speakers plus all participants. 

4.30 pm - Workshop Closes


Note:  We will be filming the proceedings on Thursday and making it available remotely. This should enable interaction with remote participants. Other sessions will also be filmed for the new NAFCo website. This will be launched to mark the occasion of the workshop.

Prof. David C. Rubin, Juanita M. Kreps Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, USA
Hosted by
The Elphinstone Institute, University of Aberdeen
Elphinstone Institute, MacRobert Building