Strategic Plan
2015 - 2020
"Transforming the world with greater knowledge and learning"

“In the next five years we see this university moving forward with wonderful education and great research, and in order to do that, we’ve put people at the heart of everything that we do.”

Professor Sir Ian Diamond


Our students, alumni and staff have always been the basis of our success. They have made outstanding contributions to public life over several centuries. Looking to the future, we will provide an environment and a culture which enriches the lives of our people, and enables them to achieve their potential.

Our strategy will continue to nurture intellectual curiosity and a spirit of partnership, in an encouraging, international community with an ambitious outlook and in keeping with our founding principles. We will strengthen our community by attracting the best staff and students.

What makes the University of Aberdeen stand out is its unwavering commitment to its people, both students and staff. Watch some of them explain what being part of the Aberdeen family means.

Goal 1.
To enhance the culture of belonging, collegiality and realising potential in our community of staff, students and alumni

Goal 2.
To attract and retain ambitious staff and students to our international institution

Goal 3.
To foster a positive culture wherein our people are engaged, committed to our future, and champions of equality and diversity

MBA Energy Management student Babak Alnasser explains how his programme has boosted his career prospects.

LLM Oil & Gas student Kieran McLaughlin talks about his international experience and opportunities at Aberdeen.

“It doesn’t matter where you are from, who you are, or what your background is, this is a place that will welcome you.”

Professor Dame Anne Glover

Teaching & Learning

The Aberdeen experience will allow students to flourish in a supportive and inclusive environment while taking advantage of world-class facilities for both learning and leisure. They should feel part of the Aberdeen family from the outset and remain connected long after graduation.

They will develop a unique set of ‘graduate attributes’ which will shape them as global citizens through engagement with business and industry, alumni, volunteering opportunities and peer-to-peer support. The student experience should be tailored to individual need while maintaining academic rigour, making use of the latest digital technology to allow greater flexibility.

A diverse community, a flexible curriculum, and first class facilities are just a few of the things that make learning at Aberdeen an outstanding experience.

Goal 1.
To create an outstanding and inclusive educational environment

Goal 2.
To offer a first-class flexible, demand-driven, research-led and personalised educational experience

Goal 3.
To ensure every student has the opportunity to reach their potential

Goal 4.
To equip our students with the skills needed to maximise their opportunities and develop as responsible global citizens

Our School of Education has led on the development of Tales of Iona – an innovative game-based project that can revolutionise learning.

Dr Ana Ivanovic, Senior Lecturer in the School of Engineering, talks about the University of Aberdeen’s Korea campus, due to open in 2016.

“Students at the University of Aberdeen feel they belong to a diverse international community of scholars and they take that away when they finish their studies here.”

Dr Tania Fahey Palma

Aberdeen sunrise and opening image by Veli Bariskan

Research & Knowledge Exchange

Our research has significant impact on the world. Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014 results showed that 76% of our research was world leading, with 85% deemed to be world leading in terms of impact.

The University has an outstanding track record in translating research into business ideas to tackle devastating health conditions and critical business challenges. Our research is speeding the discovery of drugs and therapies for diseases and conditions including dementia, psychiatric disorders, arthritis, and many forms of cancer. We will continue to promote a thriving research culture with an expectation of excellence.

Research at Aberdeen is about tackling the world’s greatest challenges in an interdisciplinary fashion and getting the public involved at every stage of the research journey.

Goal 1.
To strengthen our position as a world-class, research-intensive university

Goal 2.
To increase our global research impact through knowledge exchange, working with industry, business and society

The University’s Enterprise Campus helps young entrepreneurs achieve their ambitions. James McIlroy received the support he needed to start up his company EuroBiotix.

The Cool Farm Tool was developed by Biological Science researchers at Aberdeen to combat global warming by helping farmers keep their greenhouse gas emissions under control.

“Almost all the research that we do in some way will eventually have an impact on society, on wider publics. Partnerships are absolutely essential for almost all the public engagement that we do.”

Dr Ken Skeldon