The Kindergarten as a factor of inclusion for immigrant children and their families 

Children running outside nursery

The recent wave of immigration to Europe has raised issues concerning inclusion of migrants in their host countries. KINDINMI is a European collaborative and comparative research project funded by Erasmus+ concerning the inclusion of young migrants aged 6 months to 7 years.

Although a lot of focus is placed on equipping older migrant children with provisions to integrate, very little attention is paid to younger children attending nursery or preschool.

Researchers from the School of Education are working with academics in Austria, Sweden and the Czech Republic to develop preschool education as a means to encouraging better opportunities for migrant children and their families. 

The goals of the project include changing attitudes towards migrants and improving social orientation and inclusion for migrants themselves.  The team hope to develop educational tools and professional development courses to create an agreed curriculum in supporting migrant children in early years education.

Group of researchers in a nursery

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