Bridging social science and humanities perspectives on political concepts

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Founded in 2009 by 13 leading scholars in the University of Aberdeen and led by Dr Trevor Stack, the Centre for Citizenship, Civil Society, and Rule of Law (CISRUL) is home to a vibrant, interdisciplinary research community. Our seminar and workshop conversations are unique in bridging social science and humanities perspectives.

CISRUL brings together an extraordinary range of researchers, including PhD students, to study life in the world of political concepts, and examines how political principles function within and beyond the contemporary West. Researchers consider how they have been fostered historically, debated philosophically and in politics, fought over by social movements, codified in law, transmitted through education and the media, and lived out in everyday life. Core to the Centre’s mission is informing academic and public debate on how they are used, and to what effect.

The Centre’s membership reaches across many disciplines; History, Law, Politics, Sociology, Divinity and Education, and works closely with other groups such as the Centre for Early Modern Studies, ArabTrans and the Centre for Global Security and Governance.

CISRUL hosts grants from the European Commission, Leverhulme Trust and the ESRC, and is further supported by donations held by the Development Trust.

Dr Trevor Stack

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