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Image © Hildesheim, St Godehard
Psalm: 76
Iconography: The psalmist, on his knees, with hands raised, calls out to god for mercy, by day and by night. Above, in the starry sky, God is blessing and holding a book. He is flanked by Day and Night, and stars. I have cried to the lord with my voice: to god with my voice and he turned to me. In the day of my trouble I sought out god with my hands: in the night before him and I was not deceived. Two dogs pull themselves out of the stems of the initial.
Art: Some letters above the initial appear to have been written after the painting as the letters overlap the paint. The scribe's quill was splitting in this area of the text (lines 4,5,6), so he may have returned to write the p and g (apud, reges) more firmly. The hem of the psalmist's cloak was drawn jagged. The right star was drawn in a slightly different position.
Thread stitch:
Historical Relevance:
Quire: 13

Image © Hildesheim, St Godehard


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