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Image © Hildesheim, St Godehard

A blank page with stitch holes in three clusters down the left edge, to hold a fabric curtain in place. A paper reinforcement was glued to the gutter edge of this page and part of the paper has now stuck to p17, opposite. There is no sign that anything else was glued to the page and most of the marks are palimpsests leaching from p17.

Goldschmidt (1895, 37) suggested that calendar and psalter were part of the same plan, so this page was left blank to receive a Beatus B which would lead neatly on to EATUS VIR on p73. However, he was not aware that p73 is already a major redraft of the original plan. Pächt suggested this space was left for a pasted Crucifixion scene which is otherwise omitted from the following miniature cycle (AP, 50). Apart from the stitch holes which suggest that a precious and protected image may have been on this page, there is very little evidence of drawing or glue.

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