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Image © Hildesheim, St Godehard

All twelve months of the year are depicted in roundels as Labours of the Month. Below them on the right is the sign of the Zodiac. All the calendrical numbers and letters are explained under Keeping Time, the selection of saints is discussed under Feast Days, and the various scribes under Scribes.

For December, a man slaughters a pig with an axe. The sign is Capricorn.

Note the obit for Cristina first prioress of Bosco (Markyate) on 8 December. The neums (notation) for O Sapientia mark the start of the great Advent antiphons sung between 16 and 23 December. The same neums above Sapientia are also found on another St Albans calendar, London, B.L. Royal MS 2 A.X, f7v.

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