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Image © Hildesheim, St Godehard

All twelve months of the year are depicted in roundels as Labours of the Month. Below them on the right is the sign of the Zodiac. All the calendrical numbers and letters are explained under Keeping Time, the selection of saints is discussed under Feast Days, and the various scribes under Scribes.

For September, a man holds a bunch of grapes. The sign is Libra. Above the roundel is a partly trimmed scribal notation in black ink.

On September 3, the word pape (pope) has been erased after St Gregory, indicating that the manuscript was still in England after the Reformation.

On September 12, the extended obit for Roger the Hermit is written in a hand which is different both from the basic calendar and the other obits. Notice also the spelling correction on his entry: the h added later in green ink, by the scribe of Ailwin’s obit just below. When the book is partly closed, Roger’s obit lies directly over the head of Virgo on the opposite page and she points to the inscription.

24 September. Indictions indicate a fiscal period of 15 years. They have no liturgical significance.

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