Is your wallet full of paper stamp cards? Are you fed up of signing up to endless loyalty schemes?
With Yoyo, these become things of the past, with the University of Aberdeen’s loyalty programme.

yoyo wallet is mobile payment and rewards rolled into one: collect points , stamps and vouchers for purchases made at the University of Aberdeen.

If you want to save money on campus, ensure you download the Yoyo app.  Yoyo is a sleek, easy-to-use app that allows fast, secure mobile payment, automatic loyalty collection on every purchase and offers and brand interactions personalised to previous purchasing behaviour. Yoyo automatically earns you rewards, special offers and discounts straight to your mobile phone, meaning you’ll always get more for your money.

You don’t have to do anything. Yoyo just quietly does the work in the background. What’s more, once you’ve collected enough points, we’ll let you know and you can choose your reward.

  • Offers: As well as earning rewards, you’ll also have access to exclusive Yoyo offers. These range from coffee bulk buys deals to discounts and giveaways from your favourite food and drink brands.
  • Payment: Paying with Yoyo automatically earns you rewards. There’s no need to sign up to a loyalty scheme or remember to show a stamp card - points, stamps and vouchers are earned without any effort on your part and can be redeemed for items of your choosing.  
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About Yoyo

Whist Yoyo's only been running a few weeks at the University of Aberdeen, it's been live at universities across the UK for four years now, and more recently at high street chains like Caffè Nero and planet Organic.  
The main driver of the app’s success to date has been the great user experience - it’s designed to give a simple experience at the till, rolling payment and loyalty and receipt collection into one action.

Using tried, tested, trusted and very regulated technology users especially will find this new Loyalty, Reward & Cashless payment facility offered alongside Apple Pay, a very convenient and welcome addition.  Where YoYo differs from Apple Pay is the Loyalty element.  

Yoyo provides for the opportunity for customers to enjoy discounts, bulk buy deals, and collect stamps that reflect your likes and purchasing loyalty.  It’s hoped Yoyo users will feel comfortable engaging with it and will enjoy the added benefits & convenience it will bring.

Yoyo Security

All card information inputted is immediately encrypted and passed directly to Yoyo's PSP (Payment Service Provider) who are fully regulated and compliant with UK regulation regarding personal financial information. 
Yoyo's PSP sends back a randomised token which is used to request payment - this is called tokenisation and this fancy name actually means that none of your card details are ever stored on Yoyo's servers. The card details are protected and subject to the same levels of security banks employ and is fully regulated.  Losing the smartphone or indeed someone other than the owner, however unlikely, gaining access to the smartphone, cannot access any bank detail.

To increase protection around the account, Yoyo also uses 2 additional measures:

  1. Dynamically changing QR code
    The QR code on the home screen of your app changes every 30 seconds when your phone is online (i.e. connected to WiFi or 3G/4G). When your device is offline, the QR code will change up to three times before it needs to be refreshed.This means that if someone takes a picture of the QR code on your home screen they will not be able to use it as the QR code will have changed by the time they get to the till. 30 seconds is quite a short time!
  2. Passcode / Fingerprint authentication
    When you register on Yoyo, you will be asked to create a 4-digit passcode to protect your account. This triggers finger authentication if your device is equipped with this feature. Simply put, no one can access your account without your consent or knowledge -even if you lose your phone or if it is stolen.

Yoyo does not sell your personal information (name, email addresses or date of birth) to third parties, and treats your information very carefully.

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