The workplace is a setting where many people spend the largest proportion of their time and can play a key role in contributing to the health of colleagues around the University. Not only does a supportive work environment have a positive impact on health, but healthier workforces are more productive too.

Strategy and Vision

The University seeks to adopt a whole-institution approach to staff and student wellbeing.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy

The University have a mental health and wellbeing strategy and an action plan. This seeks to understand the needs of staff and develop better policies for workplace mental health.

 Recognising good practice that promotes and protects mental health in the workplace.

  • Involving staff in decision making.
  • Implementing health and safety policies that include identifying and reducing psychological distress and supporting staff who experience mental ill health.
  • This includes supporting staff who experience mental ill health to return to work after absence with reasonable adjustments which can include flexible hours, job redesign, access to counselling or other appropriate support, and;
  • Informing staff about sources of support and where these can be found.
Healthy working Lives
Healthy working Lives logo - Silver AwardWe are delighted to announce that the University of Aberdeen has successfully passed our Healthy Working Lives (HWL) annual review meaning that we retain our SLIVER award in 2020. This award demonstrates our ongoing commitment to improving the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees. Highlights that have contributed to this success include events throughout Inclusion Week, participation in the Aberdeen Corporate Games, BeWell events and activities such as the Movement Challenge and BeWell fairs, the launch of the inaugural University of Aberdeen Staff and student cookbook and the launch of our MIND mental health eLearning.
Thank you to everyone who has contributed to or participated in these activities. We are now in the process of developing a HWL strategy and action plan which will provide a framework to guide us towards achieving GOLD.

The Healthy Working Lives (HWL) Awards is a Scottish Government initiative to encourage employers to promote a safer and healthier workforce. The HWL Award Programme recognises that looking after the health, safety and wellbeing of employees is not only good for the individual, but also contributes to reduced sickness absence, fewer workplace accidents, greater productivity and increased efficiency.

Throughout the year the university's dedicated wellbeing team promote awareness days and physical activities to encourgage a healthy lifestyle in the workplace and at home.


Occupational Health Service

The Occupational Health Service can offer counselling to all University staff. Counselling can be face to face in any Clinic in Aberdeen and Elgin or through video link. All Counsellors are members of the relevant professional bodies according to their areas of expertise. Counselling can help individuals who are experiencing difficulties, distress and isolation or when it is difficult to explain or talk about a particular personal subject that has a negative impact in your personal life. To make an appointment please contact the Occupational Health Service:

  • Phone: 01224 669000.
  • Email:

Telephone counselling service is also available:

  • Employee Telephone Counselling Service: 0800 3289 655.
  • Living Life Guided Self Help: NHS 24: 0800 3289 655.

For more information see: Occupational Health Service Leaflet.

Environment and Sustainability

Our health and well-being can be greatly influenced by the environment in which we live. From the quality of the air we breathe to the green spaces we preserve for recreational activities, our environment is instrumental in supporting our wellbeing.

In a range of simple ways, by taking care of the environment we can enhance our own sense of well-being. For example, activities like walking or cycling to work not only help to preserve our environment by cutting back on vehicle emissions but also help to keep you fit and healthy.

As a University we are committed to limiting our operational impact on the environment and support initiatives that encourage the University community to be more sustainable. From energy efficiency and waste reduction, to encouraging more active travel, you can find out more about these commitments by visiting: Environment and Sustainability 


The Wellbeing Working Group is the forum where wellbeing issues are discussed and monitored. It includes representatives from across the University community.

Training & Accreditation
Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid is an initial response to a person in distress until other suitable or professional help can be found. This course does not train people to be mental health workers. It offers basic general information about mental health problems. Once completing this course you will help to reduce the stigma around mental health to create a move positive culture and will play an active role in recognising critical warning signs of mental health.

For more information and for booking your place click here.

MIND eLearning Training

Thursday 5th March marked 2020 University Mental Health Day. To celebrate the day we launched our new MIND eLearning training. This training will increase your awareness and understanding of mental health and help you to feel more confident in supporting mental health across the university.

This training will be added to your online training portal. We hope everyone will support staff and student mental health through completing the online training.

Contact Us

You can contact the Wellbeing team at

You can contact the Health and Safety Team at


BeWell has been designed to support staff and students throughout the year! The Employee Wellbeing section of StaffNet details all opportunities for staff to improve and maintain good wellbeing, where as the BeWell section of the Student website details how the University supports students during key times of the year.

Workplace Health

Disabled Staff Support

The links below provide information of relevance to disabled staff. For more specific guidance, please contact your Human Resources Officer.

  • There are a number of opportunities for involvement, if you have an interest in disability matters at the University of Aberdeen.
  • Fitness and exercise opportunities for disabled users
  • Library services for disabled users