This is a worrying time for many people with a long list of things that can cause us to worry and the affect these can all have on our mental health and wellbeing. Loneliness can also affect us and it is human nature to feel better when we are involved with other people. In the current situation of social distancing and isolation we may need to find other ways we can connect with others this could be through social media or simply picking up the telephone for a chat with friend or family member.

We understand you might be worried about coronavirus and that being asked to stay at home or avoid other people might feel difficult or stressful. There are lots of things you can try that could help your wellbeing. Some examples include: connecting with people digitally; trying to keep active; finding ways to be relax and keep your mind challenged (which can be study related, work related or otherwise). Download a 12 step guide on how to stay productive while working from home.

For more information about how you can take care about your wellbeing during the Coronavirus outbreak please visit the Mental Health Resources section, contact the university‚Äôs confidential employee assistance programme or talk to your line manage or HR partner.

MIND: A Wellness Action Plan

Creating a wellness action plan can be a useful reminder to prioritise self care and maintain a healthy working environment that works for you. 

Advice for working from home

For guidance on working from home and frequently asked questions.

Library Service

Resources for leisure and wellbeing reading.

NHS Inform

Top tips to help you manage your health during social distancing.

My Whole Self

My whole self aims to create a healthier working culture based on respect and collaboration. Here are some ways to support your mental health, reduce feelings of isolation, and feel connected with colleagues while working remotely.

Download the self help guide