Promotions Update

Promotions Update
Annual Promotions exercise (Academic Grades 7-9)

The 2020/21 exercise will be launched on 10 June 2021 with the closing date for applications being 13 August 2021. Successful applications will be effective from 1 December 2021. 

The exercise will be conducted using the existing policy and procedure, with small changes having been made and approved following a lessons learned exercise, changes are as follows:

Encouraging applications 

  • Ensuring sessions aimed at encouraging female members of staff to apply for promotion are widely publicised.
  • Ensuring Heads of School encourage applications from those who are ready, with a particular focus on staff from protected characteristics, including gender  

Impact of different circumstances on applications

  • Recognising the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and other individual circumstances (e.g. part time, maternity leave, illness, workload) by adding a separate section to the application form for staff to include a statement, highlighting how the pandemic may have impacted on e.g. research outputs, teaching and other key activities.
  • A short guidance for staff, Role Analysts, Heads of School and sub-Committee members has been created on the potential impact of Covid-19 on promotion applications and what to consider.


  • The CV template has been updated to reflect the changes in delivery of teaching due to Covid-19


  • The term ‘Reference’ has been changed to ‘Evaluation’ (to replace external references)
  • The existing guidance for external Evaluations has been enhanced
  • The promotion application to be enclosed together with a CV when a request for Evaluation is sent
  • An Evaluation proforma has been created to encourage referees to complete all required parts and ensure consistency in the quality of the information provided
  • A ‘conflict of interest’ tick box has been included on the proforma
  • The Head of School guidance has been updated and briefing sessions to Heads of School to be provided on their role in promotions process

Role Analysts

  • Enhanced guidance and briefing sessions for role analysts to be provided


  • The composition of sub-Committee panels and Deans are to be reviewed to ensure appropriate representation
  • A guidance note for convenors on their role has been created
  • Training for committee members has been established

Procedure & application form

  • The procedure has been updated to advise that applications considered unsuitable for Personal Chair may be considered for Reader and that applicants will be advised as such.
  • The application form has been updated to include information on percentages of contract

Trade Union (TU) Observers

  • Continue with the role of TU observers for the 2020/21 exercise. The intention is that this will be replaced by Social Bias Observers longer term with the option that TU representatives could take on this role
  • TU representatives will be asked to pilot the Social Bias Observers guidance that has already been created with training to be provided in June/July 2021

A further round of promotions in 2021/22, under the existing procedure, will be launched in December 2021/January 2022.

The Promotions Review Group will continue its work in autumn 2021 and will make further changes to the Academic Promotions procedure ensuring alignment with the new 2040 strategy. It is intended that long-term proposals will be developed for inclusion in the 2022/2023 exercise.

More information, including the procedure, guidance, deadlines for applications and the timetable for the 2020/21 exercise can be found here.

Promotions applications to Academic posts at Grade 5 & 6 remain unchanged

We are continuing with the process whereby applications can be received at any time in the year. A minimum of 12 months’ service is required and only one application can be made in any rolling 12 month period. More information can be found here.

Regrading process (Technical and Academic-Related Posts Grades 5-6 & 7-9 and Support Staff)

It was previously communicated that due to the pandemic regrading applications from Professional Services staff could have been submitted only until 31 March 2021. This restriction can now be removed, and applications may now be submitted on an ongoing basis. Changes to the grades will apply from 1st August 2021 and thereafter from the 1st of the month following the date of the application.

In 2020, the Promotions Review Group has reviewed and renamed the promotions process for all Academic-Related and Support Staff which is now known as a Regrading process. More information about the process can be found here.