Annual Promotions exercise (Academic Grades 7-9)

This year, the Promotions Review Group identified short and long term changes to the Academic Promotions process. The immediate changes to the Academic Promotions procedure are as follows:

  • Science and MMSN Committee split

Committee 1

  • Institute of Medical Sciences
  • Natural & Computing Sciences
  • Geosciences
  • Biological Sciences
  • Engineering

Committee 2

  • Psychology
  • Rowett Institute
  • Institute of Applied Health Sciences
  • Education for Medical & Dental Sciences
  • Dentistry
**The Arts Promotion Sub-Committee remains unchanged.

  • One UCU Trade Union representative will join each Sub-Committee as an observer
  • Existing guidance on reference requirements for referees and criteria for Heads of Schools and applicants have been expanded and improved
  • The number of external references for Chair posts has been reduced from 4 to 3; the number of personal references for all applications has been reduced from 2 to 1
  • Feedback to unsuccessful applicants will be improved with more detail provided as to why an application has been unsuccessful
  • Information sessions will be led by the Vice-Principals
  • The Head of School Support Statement form has been updated and renamed Expanded guidance explaining the requirements of Head of School Evaluation has been created  
  • The existing word count within the promotion application form has been changed to an overall word count for the whole application (each section has guidance word count for reference)

The Promotions Review Group will continue its work in early 2020 and will make further changes to the Academic Promotions procedure ensuring alignment with the new 2040 strategy. It is intended that long-term proposals will be developed for inclusion in the 2020/2021 exercise.

More information, including the procedure, guidance, deadlines for applications and the timetable for the 2019/20 exercise can be found here.

Promotions applications to Academic posts at Grade 5 & 6 remain unchanged

We are continuing with the process whereby applications can be received at any time in the year. A minimum of 12 months’ service is required and only one application can be made in any rolling 12 month period. More information can be found here.

Regrading process (Technical and Academic-Related Posts Grades 5-6 & 7-9 and Support Staff)

The Promotions Review Group has reviewed and renamed the promotions process for all Academic-Related and Support Staff which will now be known as a Regrading process. The term promotions was deemed unsuitable for roles falling under these categories and not reflective of sector-wide practice. This change will result in applications being post driven and will bring the following changes to the process for staff participating including:

  • Submission of regrading applications for all grades will be possible at any time of the year
  • Regrading panels will meet on an ad hoc basis and will have a set membership: Role Analyst x2, appropriate TU Representative x1, HR Representative x1, and a Subject Expert (a senior level representative attending as an adviser with knowledge of the job that is being regraded)
  • The process will be initiated by a member of staff or their line manager. The application process will be fully collaborative with significant input from the line manager and interaction with HR
  • Changes to the grades and any backdated payments will apply from 1st of the month after the application was submitted

Regrading will be introduced in early 2020. There will, therefore, be no delay for any member of staff who was considering submitting a promotion application for Academic-Related or Technical Grades 7-9, as part of the annual exercise and whose application is progressed under the new Regrading procedure.

The existing promotions process for Academic-Related Grades 5-6 or Technical Grades 5-6 and Support Staff will continue up to the point the regrading process is introduced. As the promotions applications for Academic-Related and Technical grades 7-9 was an annual process, we will not be accepting these applications in this year’s promotions exercise. Potential applicants (Academic-Related and Technical grades 7-9) are asked to wait for the launch of the Regrading process – to ensure no detriment to staff, their regrading applications will be considered by a regrading panel in early 2020.

Review of current recognition elements

The rebranding of promotions for Academic-Related and Support Staff is a first step in an improvement process that will be launched to all staff and will encompass a review of contribution awards and introduction of further recognition elements. More information will be issued to staff in early 2020.