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Senior Management

Name Title Tel No Email
Duncan White Interim Director E&F 2060
Robert Philp Deputy Director (Operations) 3635
Petra Barber Head of Facilities Services 2055
Paul Gormley Head of Projects & Small Works 2088
Calum MacLauchlan Head of Catering & Commercial Services 4760
Jacqueline Tuckwell Head of Residential Services 4387
Christina Cameron Directorate Business Support Manager 2063
Wendy Hayward PA - Interim Director E&F 3670


Name Title Tel No Email
Scott Barnett Housing Assistant 2066
Gordon Barrie Grounds Chargehand 2145
Alan Chalmers Team Leader (Mechanical) 2779
Deborah Constable Housing Assistant 3102
Wendy Cruickshank Staff Housing Manager 3849
Dylan Dalgarno Administration and Technical Support 2068
Robbie Duncan Engineering Chargehand 2144
Alan Gordon Storeman, Bedford Road Stores 4790
Max Grant Grounds Chargehand 4150
Dave MacDonald Clerk of Works Manager 2069
Ryan Mackie Clerk of Works (Buildings) 2070
David Malcolm Health and Safety Manager 3173
Atholl Murray M&E Maintenance Manager 2072
Grant Paterson Clerk of Works (Buildings) 2071
Mark Paterson CBG Curator 3368
Bruce Reid Grounds Officer 2143
Pamela Ross Housing/Technical Admin 4367
David Stark Team Leader (Electrical) 2142
Magnus Stout Grounds Chargehand
Kyle Stuart Clerk of Works (Building) 3182
Victor Olayzola Torrrejon CBG Gardener 2704/2856
Richard Walker CBG Head Gardener 2704

Facilities Services

Name Title Tel No Email
Jane Black Cleaning Supervisor
Keith Campbell Facilities Manager (Security, Portering & Mail Services) 2062
Julie Davidson Mail Room (mornings) 3841
Rachel Edmonds Business Support Assistant (Projects) 2068
Daiana Fiol Business Support Assistant (Systems) 3333
Lynn Fraser Business Support Assistant (General) 3520
Kris Glodek  Systems Engineer 2177
Lindsay Hodgson Mail Room 3841
George Irvine Secury Operations Manager 4946
Selina Jones Systems Co-ordinator 3663 selina,
Gabi Korena Business Support Assistant 3335
George Montgomery Deputy Security Operations Manager 4946
Graeme Mutch Sacrist 3325
Chris Osbeck Transport & Waste Manager 2254
David Simpson Mail Room 3841
Louise Wright Business Support Assistant 2223
Jackie Wyness Facilities Manager (Cleaning Services)  3618

Planning & Development

Name Title Tel No Email
Claire Akparanta Project Manager 3863
Colin Clark Clerk of Works (Projects) 3680
Duncan Collin Small Works Manager 2066
Mike Durno Clerk of Works (Projects) Electrical 3163
Chris Forman Architectural Technician 4221
John Hayes Clerk of Works (Projects) Electrical 4223
Lee Kiloh Space & Furnishing Assistant
Doug Meldrum Clerk of Works (Projects) Electrical 2073
John McManus Projects Buildings Services Manager 3718
Steve Miller Architectural Technologist 3659
Mahssa Pahlavan Architectural Technologist 2058
Steven Smith Project Manager 4219
Gregg Wilkins Space Manager 3194

Catering & Commercial Services

Name Title Tel Email
Lorna Birnie Operations & Business Support Coordinator 2664
Mark Donovan Operations Manager 4771
Julie Dunbar Retail Manager 4770
John Duncan Operations Manager 4634
Karen Fraser Operations Manager 4655
Emma McGillivray Conference & Events Officer 2653
Kerry Murray Conference & Events Officer 2656
Kate Quinn Operations Manager 4152
Doug Shewan Chef Manager 4761

Residential Services

Name Title Tel No Email
Kirstin Annand Operations Manager 4048
Spencer Bartholomew Night Manager, Hillhead 4009
Christopher Berry Operations Manager 3616
Lynn Coutts Accommodation Office 3853
Kerry Fraser Accommodation Office  3851
Stuart Garvie Night Manager 4009
Mark Robertson Night Manager, Hillhead 4009
Jodie Ross  Operations Supervisor 4007


Name Title Tel No Email
Fraser Lovie Policy Advisor 3165
Clark Middleton Controls Engineer 4244
George Wilson Energy Engineer 4160
Tristan Wolfe Energy Manager 3617